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  1. Does anyone know how to attach items to the roof without damaging the roof. I normally attach to the siding but the staples are taking off the paint in spots. I made a sign with wire and lights that says "santa stop here" It has an arrow pointing to a bullseye that I made out of rope lighting. To keep the rope lighting in place its all attached to wire then I stapled it to the house. We live in the Northwest and so snow is an issue. I am a little worried if i put it on the roof if it will be covered with snow and not be seen. I thought maybe I could attach it to a board of sorts and then prop it up at an angle but I am not sure how to attach it to the roof. We dont have a chimmney so that is out. Any Ideas??? I suppose I could put it on a board then attach the board to the siding.. With just a few screws or something.. That might work..:121_reindeer:
  2. sounds really neat!! Be sure to post pictures or video. My brother does a huge lighting display with all the channels and such. I have a yard full of lights but its not hooked up to do all the chasing. I am just learning.
  3. Thats what I was thinking... to put both on... maybe put the C7 on the top standing up and wrap the small lights around the pvc..
  4. I am sure everyone has seen how people have made lighted ponds with blue lights. Does anyone have a unique way of doing this? I have made a waterfall coming from the neighbors retaining wall into our yard to the pond with deer around it. I made a fish out of wire with lights on it. Any ideas out there on how to spruce it up a bit. Anyone make any fish? I need to replace the one I have. He has seen better days...
  5. how much rebar should I get? and how far should I put it in the ground. So you think use mini lights dont use c7's tied to the pipes...Is there different colors of pvc.. If so what color is best if the wires are green? Should I attach each arch to the next with ties or are they fine without them? thanks Lisa
  6. was wondering if anyone knows how many mini lights would be needed to build arches that are approximately 18 to 24 inches tall and 8 feet long maybe. I currently have my driveway lined with lights and stakes. The snow seems to cover them and break off so I was thinking of the arches instead. I will not have them leap just want some color down the driveway. Could I just use my C7 lights attached to the arches or do you think that would not look right.. not enough light.. Most of what I have seen is leaping and heavily wrapped lights... I just want to created a lined effect down the driveway that will not get buried by the snowblower....
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