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  1. http://lexington.craigslist.org/for/2276076550.html I just listed these myself...I would make a good price to someone from PC who could pick them up. I just need to make some room. [email protected]
  2. Thank you BC and Ryan for the help...
  3. Ryan, what is the strand length on the curtain lights? I have read all of the threads and cannot seem to find that number. Thanks
  4. Very impressive...thank you for sharing that with us!
  5. Yea I used some coupons Saturday without any hassle at all...
  6. Very good looking display...looks like a lot of fun and I bet the kids will enjoy it
  7. I very much wish you were closer to me...lol...I would have me 28 new molds. Good luck with sale.
  8. Wouls also buy 1 or 2 CTB16-PC...thanks
  9. Would like to find 1 and maybe 2 LOR1602W controllers for my show this year. I missed the sale and would appreciate any help. Merry Christmas!!! A reply to [email protected] would be much appreciated.
  10. Wish I would have seen this thread earlier...was by Park Hills tonight on my way home...would have liked to have seen the display
  11. If you cook it until 165 degrees you have probably overcooked a good piece of meat. 125-130 is all you need and then let the roast rest. It will continue to cook even after you take it from the oven. Try cranking that oven up to 500 degrees for 25-30 minutes and then cut the temp back to 225 and cook it the rest of the way. This high heat seals in the outside of the roast and wil make for a juicy piece of meat.
  12. a sequence for Music Box Dancer-16 channel? I would appreciate the help. Thanks and Merry Christmas [email protected]
  13. I just want the nerve to buy my first blowmold. I am afraid I might start something and won't be able to stop...lol
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