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  • My favorite Christmas story
    "THE" Christmas Story; Luke 2:7-14
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    Augusta, GA
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    38 year old Male who is crazy about Christmas!! Spend all year looking for the next big thing to get all the ooohs and aaahhs going!
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    LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS!!! Fishing, Bike Riding, Home theater, Computer Programming........
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    Machine Operator at Large Paper Mill
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    Right now, roughly 15,000 lights. This is our first year using Light O Rama controllers and wow, a whole new world. We had an out of the box setup last year that you just plugged in an mp3 player and it did everything, which means you had very little control. However it did win us our first contest, so of course we are trying to defend that title. Call us crazy, but all this to win a 100 dollar prize...lol!!! Anyway, we have about a 12' 16 channel mega tree, (2) 15 ft arches, 5 wire trees, a 6' x 9' Marty Fan, and a rope light Merry Christmas Sign, all of which totals 48 channels controlled by Light O Rama setup. The rest is just a static display, but it is quite pleasing to say the least. Had (2) 30Amp Breakers and outlets added last year to handle the display, may add (2) more this year. Working on my first Nativity Scene, in which I built the stable out of some wood I got from work, and the figures from Lowes. Cant wait to get finished and have everything up and running, h

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  1. 64 Channels of Light O Rama with LEDs.
  2. Light O Rama Show featuring 64 channels with LEDs.
  3. Looks awesome! Love those cascading tree lights!
  4. A brief walk through of our light display.
  5. Decided to wait on it. Making huge changes to display this year. Will start playing with sequences once final layout is on paper. Definitely one I will be doing. See how it goes, then gladly share it.
  6. Snagged about 50/60 boxes of LED multis at $1.24/box of 50 cts. Plus a host of multi plug extension cords.
  7. Hit two of ours today! Picked up bunch of LED 50ct, red and warm whites, for $1.24/box. Between my Target and Walmart hauls this week, we are well on the way to our conversion to LED this year. Also found 18 candy canes for $.74/each. All red but one green. No complaints here.
  8. Well as 2013 draws to a close, so does our light display. Very happy with it this year, but the plans for the layout next year are already drawn out and super excited for the upcoming changes. Sad to see the lights go out, but just means 2014 Christmas light up is one day closer!! Here is wishing all my fellow PC family a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!! Keep lighting up!!
  9. At work now, but when I get home I will contact you. Interested in it. Steve
  10. Have plenty of those peppermint molds on ebay.
  11. I kind of understand where this was going, sort of, but the more lights/channels you have, the less mimicking it seems. All in all it comes down to personal preference. For me, I have never seen a "bad" display. Love 'em all. Besides, even in contests and judging, it's all opinions. I guarantee any visitors that see any of the displays leave happy! All that matters in the end is if you are happy with your hard work! But, this is all just my opinion.....lol!
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