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    Saw Carson's video a few years ago and wanted to try animation, but was initially turned off by the cost. Finally decided to try 16 channels LOR in 2009, and have been hooked ever since. Expanding to 64 channels in 2010.
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    96 channel LOR & 120 channel DMX - about 14k lights, mostly LED

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  1. Home Depot in the DC area went 75% off on Dec 31. Walmart still at 50% for now...
  2. Home Depots in the DC area went 75% off today...still keeping an eye on Walmart which is at 50% off and still has some things I'm interested in...
  3. Happened to be browsing the homedepot.com site and searched for "slide on plug". They have both male and female plugs in stock, $45.98 for 100 count and free shipping. Direct link for male plug: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Unbranded-Green-Male-Slide-On-Plug-Pack-of-100-14-330/100652709 Direct link for female plug: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Unbranded-Green-Female-Slide-On-Connectors-Pack-of-100-14-331/100652717 I've used these with SPT-1 wire for many years now...works really well. In years past these often sell out before Thanksgiving, so I wouldn't wait too long to order.
  4. Can you post the address please? The site is having issues which are preventing me from looking it up. Thanks!
  5. I tried the link, but there's no content...
  6. Will the event sponsors be present and/or will we be able to order some of their products? Will a schedule for the Saturday events be posted in advance? Trying to plan cause we are flying in from va. Thanks! Sent from my SGH-T989 using Tapatalk 2
  7. Don, Hello from your ex-Melbourne neighbor. I've used the Xenon strobes from CLS for the last few years (you've seen them in the display) and they have worked well for me. How are things down in Fla? First day of hurricane season, right?
  8. Just moved up Florida at the beginning of the year and I'm looking forward to meeting fellow decorators in the Virginia area (I'm in Herndon). I'll be watching the thread to see when and where the mini occurs. Guess I should change my profile, too!
  9. Count me in! I plan to bring some red and green mini's to sell/trade. John
  10. For those of you thinking of going to Christmas Expo/PLUS 2011, we found a really good deal on AirTran from Orlando direct to Asheville, NC (about 1 hr 40 mins from Gatlinburg). We paid $161 round trip including tax if you fly up on Tuesday (June 28) and return on Sunday (July 3), which allows you to attend the entire conference. When I figured the cost of gas for driving, it was a no-brainer. I just checked and the fare is still available...
  11. Recently, there has been a lot of interest in an Orlando mini in this thread here: I myself am not able to host an Orlando mini, but I would be glad to bring some of my display elements, such as my 2d mini-mega tree and the wheel (see the 2010 vids for examples of what these look like).
  12. I will cast a vote for Orlando as well.
  13. While I cannot offer my house to host the mini, I will offer to bring some of the display elements I built for 2010, such as the 2D light tree and the wheel. I learned a lot by looking at the display elements that folks were kind enough to bring to the 2009 mini, so I would be glad to return the favor.
  14. I solved my problem...bought two sets of 35 ct at K-Mart in each color...was perfect for the wreath. I have two sizes of wreaths this year...the larger one looks great with 100 ct, so I didn't want to use the same light count on the smaller one, which would have made it looked unbalanced. So 70 was perfect!
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