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  1. My indoor tree is a pain too. I am considering just taking wood glue and gluing those branches in place then wrapping it in plastic good and leaving it together. With the lights still on it.
  2. I used three 4 ft trees from Lowe's last year and did not get the rebar tall enough to attach that top section. The trees came in 3 sections. So the tops blew out and 2 of them bent really bad. Also with the kinds of trees that have branches that attach or poke into the pole in the center, wind and cats will knock those out, so if you have cats around, beware of that. I found little 3 ft ones at the dollar store before Christmas for 5 bucks and they worked fine zip tied to rebar.
  3. I intend to paint this up like a Christmas Train. I found reviews that say it won't run on Grass but plan to just put plywood under it. This started out at 169. And you can order more track one review said: http://www.bradsdeals.com/deals/talking-ride-on-train-with-track-50-p60445.html You can get extra track at QVC but it is blue not red:( http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx?view=2&app=detail&params=item^T123194,frames^y,from^se,cm_scid^isrc,cm_ssi^Item:%20T123194&cm_re=PAGE-_-SEARCH-_-T123194 Amazon has the track cheaper, still blue: http://www.amazon.com/National-Prod
  4. No kid thinks it's too early for Christmas. Those kids probably were just repeating what their parents had said. I would get a camera just in case anybody gets any ideas. But trying to involve the kids is a great idea.
  5. But you see, not everyone can drive a T Post in, so this one being free standing is worth a little more trouble to some people. Sometimes there is concrete or a very rocky area. I appreciate your post because I can drive in a T Post, but I am wondering what kind of winds you have there.
  6. I was getting excited then the 45mph wind hit today so I decided to come here for inspiration lol That isn't working out real well...
  7. DMoore, Thanks for the offer, but I am up by Amarillo. Foam just didn't work well because of the wind, I was thinking of trying just trying wood.
  8. I tried making tombstones last year out of foam. In the end I decided that it would have been much faster and cheaper to just go and steal real tombstones and do the time.
  9. We are late watching this, I noticed the clip and wanted to make sure that you knew they were using your house Richard lol. Since they didn't say your name maybe you can enter.
  10. Wow I figured the cell phone companies had a limit on how many times you could do that. My friends son went to Haiti and lost his phone, I told her she better cancel it quick before some Haitian texted 90999 several thousand times.
  11. I was told there should be good sales in April/May on TVs because the newer models come out then. Not sure if that is correct or not.
  12. Hey I just ordered at 16% Off do you think if I email them they will give me the 32%?
  13. My first LOR year too and I just threw it together with 16 channels and really enjoyed doing it, didn't even get the controller or FM transmitter until Nov. I am putting my LOR controller and FM transmitter in the storm cellar just incase everything is wiped out in a tornado I wont have to start over that is how nuts I am about this lol.
  14. If you do the microsoft live/bing.com cashback, it is from 4-7 percent at buy.com right now.
  15. I think it is human nature to try to find a reason why, or what the message might have been, you are wondering if it was because your display was still up, but they do this to peoples displays before Christmas too. Might have had more to do with your vandals having been away or atleast the leader of their pack, until just before school started.
  16. This would be great for posters, or floor plans. Or it would make a dandy snake trap:)
  17. Inflatable Snoopy on a dog house still stuck under a glacier in a ditch a couple of hundred feet away, someone else tried to remove him and put two tears in that I can see. His fan is broken too but I have another one of those. I can fix the tears but unfortunately coal trains are going by and may have ruined him. Still have two sets of rope lights stuck on the north end of the house in snow. This snow is from our Eve of Christmas Eve Blizzard. It is very unusual for snow to last here this long, but it is mainy in the shady areas on the north of things. Supposed to get to the 50s for
  18. Before I discovered the fox urine concentrate, I tried crushed pepper corns in the flower beds one summer and looked up and there was a line of red ants marching away, each with a piece of the crushed pepper. The little ants are probably down in their hole having crushed red pepper right now in this cold winter.
  19. I think with some work you can cure the dog problems at least. This is a instinct/behavior thing, dogs do not usually want to go in their own space, and once dogs have started using an area as a potty they want to keep using it as a potty. I got our dog to stop going in an area once by repeatedly scooping it up and moving it to an area where I wanted him to start going. I would do this, and try putting out fox urine from a hunting supplies store. It keeps cats from whizzing on my inflatables and from using my flowerbeds as a litterbox. Not sure what it does with dogs, but it would
  20. Sorry for the broken link. This tree was produced by Singapore jeweler Soo Kee Jewelery and was, at the time, the most expensive tree ever produced. Encrusted with 21,798 diamonds totaling 913 carats, 3,762 crystal beads and decorated with 456 lights., the tree is almost 20 foot tall and weighs over 7,000 pounds
  21. One year I put the blue rope light for the border and also had it spiraled around inside of the pond in, not a perfect spiral, like a pond looks a good while after a rock has been thrown in. I wish I had a picture. One section of those blue lights had stopped working, but I was able to hide that. I only did it once because the old blue and white icicle lights that I put inside got wet and stopped working since I lacked the good sense to do something to get it off of the ground put plastic over the lights lol. I want to do a white frozen pond for polar bears for next year and am ho
  22. I was not in any way suggesting that you refuse to take the delivery because you did not get another 20 percent discount. Doing things like this always comes back to bite you. You wanted this inflatable and ordered it thinking that 30 percent off was a fair price, that is the bottom line here.
  23. If you did try to cancel the order and were not allowed to, you can refuse delivery of the shipment. If you paid paypal or a credit card and they cannot show proof of delivery you are not charged. With Paypal you file an INR, Item Not Recevied. With the credit card, you file a chargeback.
  24. Sales start when they start, and end when they end unless the policy is stated otherwise. Keep in mind that by ordering earlier on a clearance sale, you get a wider selection than someone who ordered later. If you had not bought that inflatable earlier at 30 percent off, someone else might have then it would not have been there for you to buy. Did you try to cancel the order and then reorder, or were you afraid that you wouldn't be able to get that one? Had the sale gone to 10% off later in the day instead of 50% would it be fair for him to have only given you a 10% discount?
  25. After putting all of the Christmas stuff away, I don't have room so this one is solved for me.
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