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  1. I've got about 14 strings each of white (believe I picked them up at Home Depot), and red 50 light strings. The red are replacement bulbs I got from Action and have been used for two seasons in a LOR display. The whites have been used for three. I'm going LED this year, so looking to unload. I do know some bulbs are broken, but generally in good shape. I'm open to offers, have no idea how much it'd cost to ship. Thanks!
  2. Ok, I'm a newbie to LED. I have a lot of C7 lights on my house outline I want to switch to LED, as cheaply as possible but that will work with LOR and will last a reasonable amount of time. From the PDF it seems that at that size, only retrofit bulbs are available. Am I correct that I would then need to get LED strings to put them in? My since my strings are incandescent, they don't have rectifiers on them.
  3. Here's a 160 channel version http://lightoramasequences.com/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,42/func,fileinfo/id,182/
  4. Basically, the LOR controller has 16 power cord outputs. Each one can be controlled separately. But you can't subdivide more than that. If you plug several things into the channel 1 cord, all of them will turn on and off at the same time. They'll be on one channel. You'll either need to limit it to 16 elements that are independent, or get a second controller
  5. I have a friend who was insulting my Moose in my yard, calling him a reindeer. When I corrected him, he said moose have nothing to do with Christmas, and I said that I could probably come up with Christmas songs dealing with moose. Does anyone know of any? I found Moose Nuggets for Christmas (which is a strech being about moose) and Bruce the Christmas Moose by the Cormiers but looking for more. For some reason I've always liked moose and penguins in my display.
  6. Hey, it takes a lot more work than that to use a product like LOR or D-Light, even if you get a Showtime or completely built PC controller.
  7. Well, a LOR PC kit that requires soldering yourself is currently $180, about $25 less than the one you don't solder. I think they are about $20 cheaper in the July sale. But then you've got software, a minimum of $50 for the basic version, fm transmitter and lots of extension cords or roll your own spt wire. It is possible to it it all yourself, one of my wife's co-workers basically thought I was a loser by using an off-the-shelf model. Iresq is right, they do it for the challenge etc in doing it themselves, not for a cost savings. It seems odd, but in my experience, the cost of the
  8. Sometimes sync issues can be caused by the MP3 file being a variable bit rate instead of constant. You can re-encode with Audacity and LAME.
  9. More lights, we'll get there. I only had a static display for about 2 years before we went animated, so this is our fourth year total. The red and white house outline are C7s. We're wanting to add a third color, maybe green to the house. I guess what got me was that someone who came to actually see the lights didn't watch it. Last year it took some doing to even get the inlaws to watch them once, and they were staying with us for several days. But she'd been very eager to meet Carson Williams the previous year
  10. Oh we have plans in the future. 2008 was the very first year we went computerized. We want to do mini-trees and arches. First thing though is unfortunately not eye catching, but replace the house outline lights with LED. Those eat up the amps. I had to use 4 channels for the house outline.
  11. Good point. I went to a comedy club in Kentucky last night in an outdoor entertainment district and the trees were synched. Then saw all the Animated Lighting controllers. It's not a big deal to me, it's still fun for me. Just a bit odd. Particularly when someone comes to my house for a party we setup specifically to show the lights, fire pit and everything. But the booze won out
  12. Still working on 2009 video. This is from 2008, only differences other than more songs is two more sets of candy canes, another band on each column, red lights added to the windows and more floods. You can't really see the signs in the vid, the main one is near Snoopy. Easily readable from the road though. http://www.cincylights.com/videos.htm
  13. I have my display up, second year of animation. I have yet to see someone stay for even a good portion of the show. I was outside the other night and saw a car come up, but they didn't stay past a minute song. My wife invited about 20 coworkers to watch them last night, with cookies, cider etc. Only one came, about 2 hours after the start and they didn't watch any of it. I don't want huge crowds causing trouble with the neighbors but still wonder if I'm just doing something wrong here. I've got a radio sign well lit with a "Listen to the lights on 90.5FM" etc and 12 songs (several quite sh
  14. Yeah, I'm pretty much an introvert. I wave at the cars I've seen, well so far I've only seen one and they stayed less than 2 minutes. Though I am looking forward to some PC members that are going to be stopping by and talking to them.
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