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    We use the virtual Santa DVD and love it. One night before Christmas we turn it off and have the real Santa come visit for the neighborhood children. Makes our season !!
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    Fort Worth
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    Vintage cars
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    Owner construction and concrete company
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    We now live on a small lake that has been will know for it's light display. Due to is't aging population it's not what it was. Since we moved here in 2013 we have worked hard to help revive it. We have 8 leaping reindeer, an 15 ft. tall waving Santa. This year we will be adding a 16' RDG mega tree to our dock. We have a large sloping lawn and use the Lawn Lights, I really recommend them ! We have had Santa come visit one evening before in the front for two years, what a beautiful event. Getting bigger and bigger ! This year the front yard will be redone to look like Santa's workshop. Isn't Christmas wonderful ???

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  1. Thanks for the help ! I have another question. On the LOR sequencing editor we have 32 channels to work with, how do I make that 64 channels ?
  2. Thanks everyone for the tips ! I will be contacting LOR tomorrow ! Isn't it the way it goes just before you need things to go smoothly !
  3. Hello everyone, I have one controller that has one channel that is stuck in the on position. Is that a bad triac ? Is there a way for me to fix this ?hanks Thanks !
  4. Hello everyone, I am adding a 3 and 4th controller this year. Our existing programing is is for 32 channels. Can we use our old programming and expand or do we have to use all new programming ? THANKS !
  5. Hello everyone. I thought since ya'll are Halloween nuts I would post a question here. Could anyone give me instructions on how to sequence a signing pumpkin, vampire face ? I can build it, just having a little trouble with the timing. Any information would be appreciated ! I have the LOR controllers and all we use for Christmas.
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