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    dayton ohio
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    just the average guy with a family that like to do the christmas lights each year. and allways seem to buy more lights each year.
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    cars electronics doing the xmas light thing
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    just started to figgure some ideas out.
  1. looking to get a few . what venders should i check out .
  2. any of you guys happen to have something you would share.
  3. oh yeah i have 32 set up with a few open to work with thinking useing the floods or dmx floods.
  4. any of you have one you willing to send me ? looking to add a bit more intermitions between songs.
  5. good story and got me choked up a bit myself reading. i am glad there may be a lil kid made happy by what we all do .. just goes to show ya the lil things do count ....
  6. feal free to see all my vids guys tell me what ya think or give ideas ect . enjoy
  7. i wona see how it is said supperstar does sequences for you that you can use on regular mini lights. verry currious of it .
  8. has anyone done arches to i am santa clause by bob rivers its on twisted christmas need a sequence for 8 chan arch also looking for christmas eve (sarajevo) by tso trying to get shows done and no time doing work 7 day. so any arch sequences would be helpfull wona do my play list with arches being i have them to use. also have rgb floods and no time to get in order . trying to get the news this year twice if lucky made it in halloween so its a good start i guess. being thats my first time threw my show years.
  9. was there one that did a arch sequence automatticly . seen or heard of something not long ago before i decided to try arch.
  10. doing 2 8 chan arches at this point to give it a shot .programing is my biggest issue i need short cuts ect that could help .or a way that can lay it out for me and i make changes if i wonted to do so.
  11. thanks for the 8 chan wizzards of winter i got it going . what else do ya have? looked threw vids and mabey i missed the arches .will take what ever i can get 8 chan wise to work with .. love the wizzards just what i was looking to do...
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