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  1. Hi I would try buildalightshow.com very good quality
  2. btlfannz wrote: hi living in the uk sometime we get snow some time not, out of the years i done my display i had snow twice in 8 years so i make my own for the thick snow blanket i use the same material as btflannz used its like a wadding material used to stuff soft toys, and pillows. but my main area's are done witha horticulral fleece used to cover newlysown seeds and to cover tender plants in the winter months. i first lay down some weed control fabric this is for to keep the fleece clean as you can get more than 1 years used out of the material , place and single layer of
  3. has anyone tried to braid or platt ropelight before and what result did you get. i am thinking of doing this year as it would very different as i am going to use white, red and green. it should look like a braided rope that lights up. thanks les m
  4. i would like to donate $25. how do i send the payment by pay pals what email address do i send it to. les & bev, bells close. u.k
  5. i was one of the first to get l.o.r in the uk.shipping by airmail can be expensive it can be around $30-40 but it depends how many cards you by ask dan or mary and they will tell you about shipping costs. all i can say about l.o.r its very good had no problems really over 3 years. les m
  6. hi i do have spare a 4 way controller for rope light i think you may be able to run 110 on it, i just used it once over a season and i have not used for a longtime as i have l.o.r and Dasher. let me no if youre interested les m , uk
  7. All i can say all the hard work you put into a display shows in the final display. You may not notice youre self at first but when a little one says is that Santas house to you it make it all worth while. and most of all enjoy it while it last's les m
  8. hi i just starting to get ready to put up my display this year. i am pulling in a 2 new cat 6 cable from the front of the house to back bedroom that wear i keep my pc so i can run my l.o.r and dasher system tomorrow. we moved intoare new home last year so this yearis the first yearof thenew display and is ablank canvas so what canwe do lol. one thing i no, none of my neighbour will of see a display like this. les m . uk
  9. grandad wrote: hi i am sorry to say you cant use the 16 channel lor controllers is made to power 240 volt lights and from what i have found it does not work to well with 240-24 volt transformers it makes them go with a bang. i use dasher for my 24 volt, dasher is a on/off system, i like to explain how dans card will work, but until i get them and try them out i am not to sure my self. just keep a eye on hear and i let you no how its going on. les m
  10. hi mark yes it would be possible this year , i am starting a new display at my new home. i am having to start from the begining , i have nothing totally set upyet but it should give you some new idea for youre display. i am using l.o.r and dasher. i am based in newcastle not far from the metro centre les m
  11. hi i see you have a bit of a problem.There are a few ways you can hang youre ropelight figures the way you have been doing it or the way i used to do it at my mums house until i am moving my display this year my self so i got to start from scratch again. i have about 4 8 foot by 4 foot , 2 inchmesh sheetsthat i hang them on the wall by means of zip tye bases . the zip tye base can be fixed to youre wall by means of a plug and screw and can be left out all year long you , do have to replace them after about 3-5 years as they go brittel and snap byconnecting zip tyes to thebase's you
  12. hi yes there are some computer controlled christmas light in the uk i been doing it my self for about 3 years now but last year i did not get the chance as i moved house. i am running a 48 channel l.o.r and about 80 channel dasher+ as it goes for l.o.r its a good system i had one of the original 8 channel controllers as i did some testing for Dan i just hopping dan can get the mcp controller up and running this year so i can dim all my 24 volt lights as well. les m
  13. hi just little note to let everyone no, that my light display will be back this year. its going to a long year as i have to board out the loft so i can have some place to put my display , bring power to the front of house to supply all my dasher and l.o.r and all cat cables as well arrrr. as it goes for my connection boxes i will have to freestand them this year and i found a new way of leaving a rj45 connection outside all year long. i let you no how it getting on duruing the year. les m
  14. hear is the correct link http://www.wdwmagic.com/osborn_lights.htm
  15. hi i found this infor about the Osborne lights at mgm studios. on www.wdwdisneymagic.com Osborne Lights 2006 2 October 2006: New enhancements for this years Osborne lights Spectacle of Lights Transforms Disney-MGM Studios -- The Streets of America backlot area sparkles with millions of twinkling lights beginning Nov. 13 and continuing through Jan. 7, 2007, during the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights, presented by Sylvania. This year, the spectacle has been enhanced to include choreographed “dancing” lights which swirl and soar to an exhilarating medley of holiday music every 15 m
  16. hi my name is les murray some of you no me , some may not. i have done a light display on my parents house for the last 7 years going from static display to l.o.r and dasher display as i did last year, this year everything is on the back burner as i have moved into my own home with my lady beverley. as i had not had anychance to put a wall around the front garden to protect my display i wont be doing a massive display like last year, petty as i got into the last 14 on g.m.t.v contest on itv. just wait till next year when i am back and running. les m
  17. wow1 or2 i would not mind my self, can you ship them to the uk for me ? thanks les m
  18. nice name but i think disney has the copyright on that one, one wonderfull display i really enjoyed it. you could use it but some people may think it the disney parade les m uk .
  19. lesm

    rag doll blowmold

    hi thomas i tried to email you but it came up private email. can you email me at [email protected] i am very mucth interested in the 14" red hair ragdoll it would go great in my diasplay les m . uk
  20. lesm

    rag doll blowmold

    are they hard to find , or does anyone have one they dont use and are will to sell ? thanks les m
  21. hi i just wondering if there been any rag doll blowmold ever made ? As i am doing santa workshop this year i had a look on ebay and not found any yet . thanks les m uk
  22. hi i need a little help i been trying to buy this blowmold of ebay buy it now from mkc outlet stores i try to buy one on ebay and they would not ship to the uk. is it possible for someone to get delivered to them and they can ship it to me by u.s mail airmail i will pay for shipping and any costs to you. i hope to get this blowmold as i need to this year display . thanks les m . uk
  23. lesm

    For Les murray

    hi sorry i missed youre message on hear, did not get mutch spare time over christmas as i asked my girlfriend to marry me and she said yes. bizzy buy rings and stuff lol . yes we did make on to the g.m.t.v website this year and we hope we do next year. hopefully are new theme will help. lesm
  24. lesm


    hi my name is les i been a test bed for dans l.o.r in the last past 2 years. i had no real problem with ropelight and l.o.r but small plug in transformer are a nightmare cant take being dimmed and can go with a bang. dasher cards with l.o.r ssr work well had no real problems. if you want to no more email me on [email protected] les m uk. 24 l.o.r channels and 80 dasher
  25. hi i do something a little but it work i never had a problem with it and its still splash proof but not totally waterproof. i crimp the cable together them cover them with black heat shrink its what sparky use to cover a joint in mains cables. i never had problem with it over the last 5 years. les m uk. 24 l.o.r channel and 80 dasher all working in u.k
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