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    LOR 48 channel + 128 new channels coming soon

    11,000+ lights and counting

    Red, Green Warm White eve's
    Mega tree, Star topper
    10 Chase deer
    2 Tree's

    And who knows what next....
  1. reduced PM for price. These are my last of LOR controllers I have moved on to DIY environment. Boards are new only used indoors for testing.
  2. Selling 3 LOR1602W; $310 each plus shipping http://s1191.photobu...g%20Controller/
  3. 4 never used ShowTime Pro LOR1602W Lighting Controller for sale. 2 have been removed from box 2 still in factory boxes asking $300.00 each plus shipping. http://s1191.photobu...g%20Controller/
  4. Have 3 LOR PC CTB16PC I wish to sell at $200.00 each plus shipping. All three were used for one season and excellent working order. http://s1191.photobu...20PC%20CTB16PC/
  5. Nice job.... If your removing the pipes after each season I would suggest using a grease on the threads to prevent any rust build up. This might be a good pole for the spiral tree everyone has thought about lately. Good solid support. Thank you for sharing...
  6. Nice setup good example for my project, thank you for sharing
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