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  1. How much for the candles?

  2. I would just sign the check over to the charity and give it to them. Endorse the back of the check and write. For deposit only by "charity name".
  3. On from when I put them up until I take them down. No reason to power down. They use almost no power during the day. All mine are plugged into GFCI plugs so no safety issue. Timers are just one more link in the chain of things that can go wrong. For example, unless your timer has a battery backup a power outage during the day can cause your controllers to come on late even though your show starts on time (assuming your computer has battery backup or your using a dcMP3 director which has battery backup.)
  4. Looks great. Can't wait to see videos.
  5. Point the female ends down. In some cases I put those plastic caps you put in outlets to prevent kids from sticking things in it.
  6. Think long and hard about wether you really want to do it. Our ego says "cool", the huge potential increase in traffic could spell trouble! Lots of threads on this and the potential pitfalls. Caution is the operative word.
  7. I would be cautious of this. I have found that tape and plastic bags tend to hold water and moisture in and do a relatively poor job of keeping it out. Raise your connection points off the ground (I pound a small stake in the ground and zip tie the cord to it) and point your open female ends down as best you can and you shouldn't have any issues.
  8. I think that depends on where you got your strobes from. As gmac and I stated, the CDI ones didn't have a condensation issue for us so no holes needed to be drilled in ours. The link that xxnonamexx posted appears to show that the strobes from Christmas Light Show need holes drilled in them. Strobes from other than these two.... I just can't guess.
  9. I film off of a ladder and tripod as well. Fro sound, I have a small radio next to the camera, not too loud just so I can hear it. I then edit the video in Windows Movie Player which is a free program. You can then import in the original MP3... adjust it so it is timed correctly and then the music will sound perfect with the video.
  10. I try to do everything in groups or multiples of 4 as it makes it easier to work in time to the music. For example, 4 windows across the front of the house, 8 mini trees, 12 section mega tree. When I sequence I also divide my display into sections.... House...mini trees...mega tree..... Left side of yard....etc. I try to use the different sections for different aspects of the song....rhythm, beat, tempo, melody, specific instruments (piano), etc.
  11. I have used 75 LED strobes I got from CDI for several years now and have no problem with condensation. I have read of others with issues but the CDI ones work great.
  12. Friday after thanksgiving every year.
  13. What I do with my LED strobes is "pre-charge" them. For 1-2 seconds before I want them on I sequence them at on 10%. This isn't enough for them to show up in the display but when they click to 100% in the sequence they are randomized.
  14. jihans


    Since you are planning to go the LOR route next year, if you're buying LEDs make sure what you buy are dimmable. Not all big box store ones are.
  15. I zip tie mine to 12 inch wooden stakes I pound half way in. You can pick up a dozen at HD for a couple of bucks.
  16. I use all LED on everything and the only issue I have in the cold/snow is that since LED's don't heat up they tend to get covered with snow (especially floods and on my bushes) With blow molds, since the bulb is inside... no issues at all.
  17. I can't say it any better and that is exactly what I do!
  18. I have. I use C-9 LED bulbs. In most of my molds I replace the standard ,light cord with one I make that has 2 or 3 bulbs in it as I find one bulb is not bright enough.
  19. I have used two things. First is I built frames for all of my windows out of PVC and attached the lights to them. If you size it right friction holds them in place. You can also look at binder clips (those black clips found at office supply stores) Medium size works great. You just clip the lights to the J-channel that goes around the windows. Easy and cheap.
  20. But I'm glad people keep responding to this post since it keeps it on top of the what's new threads and I chuckle every time I read the title!!!
  21. jihans


    I've looked into the lawn lights several times but last I looked their LED lights do NOT dim so they have been a non-starter with me.
  22. I find that many of my LED wireframes are too bright so I end up reducing their intensities and it works great. For the most part my LED's never go above 75%.
  23. I think both would work for you.... it really comes down to personal preferences.
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