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  1. Ok now that I have received my Virtual Santa projector (the more expensive one)I need some help for those of you that already have the Virtual Santa. I want to purchase the Santa Symphonies DVD and I want to be able to download the Virtual Santa video and the Symphonies video on to my projector so I can play them in one continuous loops. I contacted Christmaslightshow.com and he told me I would need to rip it off the dvd and convert it to a .avi file that will work with my projector using ripping software then I can hook up my projector to the computer via the usb cable once the files are converted and copy and paste it on to my projector. OK so has anybody done something like this and can anybody please explain to me in really simple terms how I would do this? I am totally overwhelmed by figuring out this whole Virtual Santa thing and this just adds to my confusion. Also has anybody used a outdoor wireless speaker set and if so what has your experience been with how well that worked? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  2. I was also given the same info. My window is about 44 inches wide and I may make my Santa the suggested size, but ordered 2 rolls of mylar paper and going to try making it bigger first and see how it looks. Good luck!
  3. Thank you so much, I just bought myself some. I can hardly wait!
  4. I have never heard of lawn lights, where do I find those at? Thanks!
  5. Thanks again I will keep the plastic in mind, I have seen other people say they did that as well. Your display looked amazing and I love the video you put together. Hard to believe its almost time to do it all again isn't it?
  6. I loved my display last year, but have some large empty spots in my yard(we all know how when you have thousands and thousands of lights covering your house and yard a empty spot sticks out like a big black hole just begging us to put something there)and even though I would love to put some Mega-trees in those spots financially I just can't swing it this year. So just thought I would ask around for ideas of what other people have done on a more budget friendly scale. I would love any advice, ideas, pictures, etc...that you can share! Thanks ahead of time for sharing!
  7. Thank you that also sounds like a great idea! Are you using a white shower curtain and do you see any glare using the shower curtain? What size is your window?
  8. Thanks for the info...did you just attach the mylar to the window or did you attach it to something and then put it in the window? It seems with the split in my window (where the windown opens and shut) it might be easier to attach the paper to something else first.
  9. So getting ready to make our big purchase for our display this year and have some questions for those people that have already been using the Virtual Santa in their displays in previous years. The window I will have to use it in is a bay style window with the middle window that I will display him in being 44" wide and tall. It is an upstairs window. I would like to be able to utilize the whole window space, but see that the suggestion is that it should not be bigger than 36", just wondering what other people's preference is? Also, if I do make it bigger than 36" if I order 2 sets of Mylar Paper will you notice the split in the paper or will it not matter at night with the projector on? One more question, I have heard people say they just used a white shower curtain instead of the Mylar Paper, is this attached tightly to the window or hung loosely just somewhere in front of it? Sorry for all the questions, nervous about spending so much on one product, but I love the one that I have seen in another display and want to make it look as good as it can. I appreciate any advice, tips, etc...that you can give me! THANK YOU!
  10. HAHA everyone, it must be christmas decorating getting to my head already:-) Sorry I will fix that next time! Tim that tree is awesome, you did a great job! That is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking, but haven't been able to find a good pic to get a solid idea in my head. I have a couple of questions-what kind of clips did you use, what size of lights and about how wide was it? Your house is amazing, can't wait to see the 2009 pics. Thanks everyone...happy decorating! Oh, no mailbox input??? Kind of seems to me that the USPS would not be on board with it and it could be a potential danger or liability?
  11. They lights were motion on the wheels, but no the train did not actually move.
  12. Ok so here is a pic from last year before we were all done. It is a little fuzzy, but you get the idea with the dead space on the side of the house and you might be able to see the dark shadow of a box in the front that is the mailbox. Also, the train was a big one I got from Costco several years ago and I love it, but so many lights have gone out and we spent hours fixing it last year and then more and more kept going out and I just can't put the time in to trying to figure it out:-( Maybe someday. Thanks for suggesting I post a pic!
  13. You think you are Clark Griswald and then find this site and realize you are only an amateur! Wow, I had no idea! First off I am wondering if anybody knows if you are allowed to decorate a community mailbox? We live on a corner lot and the there is a small bank of mailboxes right at the edge of our yard and right in the middle of our display. It drives me crazy because it just looks dark and like it needs to be part of the display, but was not sure if that was legal and if it is then looking for some ideas as to how we could attach to it as it is a smooth metal? Next the side of our two story house is a HUGE empty space with a tiny little bathroom window. Our huge train was at the base of it last year with the outdoor projector above it and the little bathroom windown decorated, but the train died and it just never looked right. Need something fairly inexpensive and not to complicated. We have a candy cane theme, but even considered stringing green lights down from the gutter in lines to attach towards the ground to make a tree shape, but was not sure how easy this would be to do and keep straight? Anyone have experience with this or other ideas for covering a big empty space? So happy to of found this site and appreciate any help or input. Thanks for your time and happy decorating!
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