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  1. I have been doing animated displays since 2008 and I am now just starting to loose interest in doing holiday lights completely. I just feel that it’s becoming too commercialized and too many people are doing synchronized displays that it’s no longer something that’s one of a kind. Almost like when inflatables came into production it was such a cool thing to have that everyone would envy the owner, now you see them all over the place. I’m not getting jealous of the larger displays and losing hope because of that, it’s just that I don’t think it’s worth the time to put everything up to put up with: nightly police visits, angry neighbors, a 14 year old who lives in the next town over trying to put down my show with threatening notes in my donation box, and the vandals. I was recently given the opportunity to be featured in the latest 2012 Best Buy holiday gift ads which I respectfully declined, and today I get an email asking me to be part of a show starting in 2013 about holiday light displays which I have respectfully declined. What do you think the problem is?

  2. I know I am a bit late but a good systems is going with a DVR like Lorex or Swann. The LH116 16 channel dvr is nice I have used it. I got all high tech and went with Exaq (http://www.exacq.com/products/exacqvision_pro.html) over the summer because I wanted to play around with some features. What ever dvr you get make sure it can still record when you are playing video back, and that you have a way to back up the video. Frame rates for general cctv can be as low as 5, most installers will set it to 7.5 since its fluid motion. 15 and 30 have not noticeable difference to the human eye.

    But like VegasLee said cameras wont really prevent someone. My camera system is very obvious but I still manage to get the ones that still want to test it.

  3. So I go to empty the donation box for the end of the night as I am counting up I find this note: http://gebis.dvrdns.org:8082/FTP/Note/Note.pdf Before you keep reading think to yourself what would you think the writers intentions are for writing a note of this nature. So this causes me to stop counting and run up to the camera room to sift threw a nights worth of video.

    6 minutes 26 seconds and 10 milliseconds later I have a picture of the offender (close up) dropping the note in the box. Reading the note I thought that this has to be either some really "stupid" adult or a small small kid who wrote a letter like this.

    I decided its safest for my Mega-tree to contact the Sheriff to go visit the address and see if the homeowner knows letters are being written like this using his address. Mind you I didn't know that someone who had a display would be acting like a "child". I explained to the officer after he was impressed with my 64 security cameras covering my property, how most people who have displays are in a "circuit" and don't act like this so it might be someone who is trying to cause problems.

    After I print out the pictures of the offender and the license plates the officer is on his way to the address on the note. I guess the officer was just as shocked to find out the note writer was the display owner, at the address, who was (believe it or not) 18 years old! The officer explains the situation to the "child" who tells the officer that he was writing the note because he wanted me to come see his display and give him some pointers on how to make his better (what!).

    The officer explains to me over the phone how he does not think the "child" will be a threat and that I should not worry or serve a trespass warning. I guess this kid wanted to "compete" with me so he wrote the note as a way of starting a competition?

    Heres what I have learned....

    My camera system rocks and beats Walmarts to a pulp.

    Some people who make these displays send "letters"

    This kid asks people who have been involved in multiple car wrecks for tips on how to improve his driving skills. (Get it :) ).

  4. My little buddy is for sale, I bought a huge camera like they use for the 10 o'clock news. Please make me an offer on it. I bought it back in June for 299.99. It shoots some good video, you need to do the adjustments. It got some scuffs and scratches from the casual use. It features an optimized recording mode for YouTube, a schneider lens with 34x optical zoom, image stabilization and face detection. You can also record up to 16 hours using a 32 GB memory card. If you want a square-trade warranty I need to upload it to ebay for sale. I also bought a sunshade for it so it will shoot nicely outside in the bright sunlight.

    I am down $5000 :( for the new camera and am trying to make something to put a dent in the price.

    Pictures at:


  5. Hello,

    My name is Zach, I am the programmer and director for the Lights of Illinois display, located in Wayne, IL.

    I would like to travel out to your display and professionaly film, photo it as well as speak to you. Potentially share information between each other, my display is going to 500 channels next year and 75,000 lights :eek:. If your intrested please email me at the address below. I am making a list so in the event one display gets vandalised (or other) we are able to email all the Illinois displays and give a heads up. I will not sell your email, think all states should have this program.

    ONLY: Light Show Display.

    http://www.odioworks.com/custom-feedback-form/feedback.php?v0=Lights OF Illinois&v1=1&v2=1&v3=1&v4=1&v5=1&v6=Anything You want to Add?&v7=1&v8=http://lightsofillinois.com&v9=0&[email protected]&

  6. Uggg, See I still have decoration up its nearly 12AM and I want to go outside and take the lights down. The more and more I hear about vandals controller theft, the more my stumic turns.

    I tried to keep the more expensive parts of the show closer to the house (controllers, inflatables), and cheeper easier to repair parts closer to the street. Though the vandals in this area are scared to enter the "high voltage" :giggle: area.

    The day the kids went "dancing" under my mega tree I was angry and about to pull the plug, but this is horrid compared to foot steps in the show (my pet peeve)

  7. Make you box identifiable

    I wrote WITH SHARPIE my name inside, Now I see what your saying outside, this way if you see a show you can peep at a box and if its one of you children get that kid napper.

    I am still very upset for this guy.

    I do disagree with the if its stolen break the board, DUMB IDEA, you hear a noise you run outside you see a thief running with your controller you jump threw the air and knock him over and your wife called the police the little thief goes to jail and now you got a broken controller might as well let them get away with it. :(

    I think security chain or if you expect trouble, place the controller close to the house or in the garage and well more extension cords.

  8. I added security cameras, well I always had the cameras, I added a blinky blinky display. I reccomend CAMERAS and good ones not cheep ones spend at least 150 bucks for a night vision camera. I also recomend you put up an electronic fence, you know the drive way alarms place them all over your display this way when the little vandals enter your display "Alert, Alert".

    The run out to the vandals the will be :eek: and you will be :).

    Proven to work for me, one night I got the alert looked outside to see vandals under my mega tree. :eek: I chased them with the car and go there license plate and sent the police to there house. :giggle:

  9. illinois: right now that is true but with all of the publicity animated displays are getting in the TV and news.. and people making it known they use LOR to do it..


    Yep, Controllers STOLEN IN ILLINOIS. I saw this display traveling down the street and it wasn't on so I went to talk to the owner, and was going to ask if I could see his show and he informed me 3 (I think) of his controllers where stolen. :mad:

    So I was unable to see his show :mad: , and may I say it was amassing :mad: , even though it wasn't running. It looked like Holdmans light show. He even had the same sign, I had to ask him if he was related.

    If anyone sees any LOR controllers on ebay that look stolen, you know with OUT software, sold as is, located in ILLINOIS, you know. Please contact me this way I can let him know.

    If your the one who stole the controllers, you really ruined my day, even though its not my show its very upsetting. :mad: :mad: :mad:

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