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    In the past, I was SANTA for a women's club. Part of their holiday tradition involved having SANTA drop by unannounced to family's in the community who were struggling. No was ever to figure out who SANTA was, I dropped off candy and small gifts. The memories of what I saw and heard will be with me forever.
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    Near Omaha, Nebraska
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    retired electrican and we just moved into a new home so I have a clean slate to use as a starting point.
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    Golf, traveling
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    Just in the planning stage, have been putting up a 10K lamp static display for years

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  1. In the past there have been many how to builds for the vertical pole that looks a lot like the leaping arches, but now that I am ready to begin, I can't find the one that was put on by someone that had the bases for sale. Can someone help. Thanks from snowy Nebraska BA
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