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  1. Just to start yes I'm still running 1.6.9 and it worked fine for Halloween but for some reason when i try to hit the save button it says "unable to save schedule" and i hit the ok button and it stays there so i have to hit it again. any ideas????? I even tried to uninstall the program and reinstall with the disk and still having the same problem and way around this?? or am i in for a bad lightshow any help would be great Thanks
  2. Hey Carrie, drove past your house last week, Love the Pyramid of Halloween cant wait to see it lite up Alan

  3. Thanks Hoyt, All the candy canes will be going out tomorrow. all the lights are new and ready for a workout LOL Thanks for everything cant wait to come by and see your display Alan
  4. Hoyt, Great job looked great both during the day and night. Enjoyed talking with you at the Santa sale and for the introduction to Carrie. Keep up the great work. looking forward to seeing Yours and Carrie's Christmas displays this year. Talk to you again soon Alan
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