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  1. Woo hoo! I would never have thought of that song.
  2. Okay. Let me know which ones you want and where to send them.
  3. Here are the ones I have. All of the Halloween have the singing faces. Angry Birds Blue Christmas *Boom Boom Pow Boughs of Holly Carol of the Bells Christmas Vacation *Ghostbusters Grinch *It Must be Halloween Jingle Bells Techno Let it be Christmas Little Drummer Boy Mele Kalikimaka *Monster Mash Music Box Dancer Queen of the Winter Night Reflections of Earth Sandstorm Silent Night *Somebody That I Used to Know *This is Halloween *Thriller (regular version) *Time Warp Wizard of Winter You can see most of them at lightsofbrentwood.com I would be really interested in Werewolves in Lo
  4. I am so sorry to see you go. Maybe it time, things will turn around for you and you can come back stronger then ever.
  5. I am trying to use LED's for the first time this year. I purchased LED icicle lights for the roof. I have about 12 of them across the roof line but only 3 of them plugged in together. My problem is that some of the strands will stay on even when the song is over... even when the computer is turned off and no show is running. I have tried attaching one incandescent bulb to the end with no effect. Any ideas?
  6. I was thinking of using SPT 1 cord to splice between the two.
  7. I start on the roof line and work my way down.
  8. I am thinking about getting these icicle lights. I am considering hanging them from my oak tree. If I do this I will need more cord between the lights. I was thinking about soldering in a longer cord between the lights so they could hang down from the tree. These are led lights. Is there any problem doing this? I have never messed with soldering led's.
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