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  1. Last year I found this homemade snowflakes on craigslist.. absolutely beautiful. they are made out of it seems like a white type of particle board... it might be cheaper for that then buying them from target..i bought a 42" one from target last year on clearance and it was a pain to put together and its so flimsy the clips break just as you hold it.
  2. I would be interested in red and green...15 red, 15 green... 16.5 ft wire preferably... LEDS if possible. $3-4?
  3. Hey..a tad off topic..but does anyone know anything about these? http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-180-Prelit-Multi-Color-LED-Christmas-Tree-Outdoor_W0QQitemZ120506631576QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item1c0ec14598
  4. Hi, I sent you a message but I have no idea if it sent or not. I dont know the brand of the nutcrackers I have ( I have twelve, I don't use) so if you could show me a picture I could see if it's the one you need?

  5. Hi guys, thanks for all your advice. I ended up getting motion sensored flood lights, and the qsee camera. Both seemed to work.. no vandals! First year in a long time..phew!
  6. True Value had a good deal of different things left, but no mass amounts of any kind ( I was contemplating a mega tree, finally) but they didnt have a great deal of any type of lights to buy them out.
  7. It looks like the kind I have, qsee.. and if it is, you got a good deal cause my single camera was about 130.00 on amazon. I love how mine works, and I dont have it hooked up to a dvr, just a tv..check it while in bed.. was watching it snow last night, can even see whats going on at the neighbors house.
  8. how about surrounding the deer with dog crap so they'll get a nice surprise when they come around.... or do use a trip wire to dump paint on them or something. I would do something really mean, but that's just me. If theyre doing it every night, i'd sit out and watch!
  9. These stories are crazy. My display is tiny, only about 4000 lights, but in my neighborhood, two strings is a lot. Every year something happens. Something is stolen etc. Last year they decided to pull two light bulbs out of each strand of the lights running down my driveway so none would work. So, this year, I put up a camera. The kids in my neighborhood aren't very bright, so i'm hoping it will work as a deterent... If not, It seems to get a pretty good picture (to the point where you could see some of my neighbors drunkenly walking down their driveway in the dark) that hopefully we'll be abl
  10. Hi, ive been vandalized twice now. I need some cheap system to try to catch the little rats. They do the little things--like rip out bulbs from strands of lights..or steal blow molds..i have a feeling this year is going to be bad..help?
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