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  1. Thanks Sammy, that is just the information I was looking for!
  2. Sammy, out of curiosity are you using West systems epoxy when glassing? If so which resin/hardener combination? Are you using standard FG sheets, or carbon/FG sheets? Greg
  3. or use an old grill motor. cheaper and heavier duty..
  4. In addition to the risk of personal injury from falls, etc, you can damage asphalt shingles pretty easily when they are frozen if you aren't careful. I say that because I see your snow in your picture, and living up north we usually have frozen roofs, at least during the time of takedown. Your roof pitch is pretty mild, but if you are not comfortable I would echo the advice of hiring someone who is more comfortable working on roofs, or rent a lift.. Greg
  5. It's interesting to read that folks feel a need to count visitors. The charities I deal with would be much more focused on how much funding you have raised in the past, or in the case of a first time event plan to raise, rather than having any concerns regarding vehicle traffic that may frequent/pass by the event... That being said I am curious Chuck - did you have to get permission to place your pneumatic sensor across the roadway, or are you able to just put it up and taken it down each evening?
  6. I have been running a display since 1977, and I have never waterproofed connections ,as stated above. Living in WNY I get a fair amount of rain and snow, and only very rarely have I had GFCI issues.
  7. They work, but require step down voltage, depending on manufacturer. They also are delicate. Jerry Plak has used them. I use them in model RRing, but not my display.
  8. MC Productions, are you a commercial entity that deals in animations, etc? Do you repair/create them? Thanks!
  9. These young-uns just don't understand the importance of commitments anymore! There is a sequenced home in Kenmore that apparently now includes his neighbor that I will have to check out this year...
  10. Walter and Jackie are artisans in the true sense of the word!
  11. That is a nice find Darlene! I agree that with a few changes here and there it would be a nice prop!
  12. For folks starting out, downloading shared sequences can prove extremely useful! They will usually have the timings well establsihed, and give the person viewing the visualization window a chance to get some very good ideas on how to to sequence various design elements. Most will probably have many more channels than needed, but those can easily be edited/deleted... Greg
  13. I assume most folks know that you can't fade LED strings with caps in the circuitry, without risking early failure... Caps are prone to failure, much more so than diodes/resistors (unless the latter 2 are under valued), so if you have caps, and there are string failures - that should be your first area of investigation. Greg
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