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  1. I just purchased 5 strobe lights that fit in a C9 string. Looking for tips on how to put them into a sequence. Thank you
  2. Is there another place besides LOR to buy a compatible USB-RS485 Adapter that. Is cheaper
  3. Is anyone willing to share a sequence for a CCR mega tree. I bought 6 of the color bulb CCRs. I am new to Superstar and I was hoping some one would share a sequence to get me started
  4. does anyone have a good thunder and lighting sequence they are willing to share
  5. Its a new service with a new 200 amp box. The entrance cable was redone at the same time. The lights aren't always flickering only on certain songs and it is barely noticeable
  6. I have two controllers hooked to a 20 amp dedicated breaker. The first controller is running a Mega Tree with 3,200 lights and the second controller is running two arches with a total of 3,200 lights. On several songs when almost all lights are on and changing rapidly the lights inside the house are blinking. Could this be caused by the gauge of the extension cords? Or should I be looking at something else?
  7. I changed to a old laptop that would let me use a flash drive and it worked fine. Thanks
  8. I switched to a different computer that would let me use a flash drive and transferring the files worked just fine. Thanks
  9. I programmed all my sequences on one computer and I am trying to move them to an older computer to run the show. I have to move them via a CD and then copy the files to the desktop. When I try to save the files into the sequence folder it gives me an ACtive X error that it can not create the object. I also can not seem to save the mp3 file as it says it is read only. Please help
  10. I created my sequences on one computer and I am moving them to an older computer to run the show. I have to transfer my files to a CD and then onto the computer running the show. I can get the sequence files and the mp3s on my desktop but when I try to save the sequences it keeps giving me an error message that Active X cannot create the object. I also can't seem to add the mp3s back into the sequences. ANy suggestions
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