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    staffordshire ,uk
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    im an electrician and security engineer
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    64 channels 10000 led lights, 2 leaping arch and mega tree, sleigh santa and 9 reindeer, bells, holly and loads of others in rope light silouettes
  1. im in the middle of getting the display ready prograsmming the computer, sorting cables, out, building graveyard and lighted pumpkins, and also have built well in thr process of building a coffin awaiting for the skeletoin and skelelton lighting to arrive now
  2. thanks for thr reply, its a shame they wont work on uks voltage then, unless i use a 110v transformer to power everything now theres a thought
  3. can i ask what voltage are these lights plase as im very interested in rdering a couple of cases for my 3rd show thanks colin.
  4. sorry david i put a visitors message instead of pm as i had a phone number on here pm d you instead :)

  5. many thanks to the person who posted this its been of big help to me locating what type of steel / metal is used to make chrimbo type lights and haloween lights, so a big thumbs up for this thread. :D:D:D
  6. hi guys, i live in uk, and am into christmas lighting animation for the last couple of years now, i was wondering does any one know which importers to uk i could go to to get different types oif christmas lights. cheers
  7. so what ideas have folks been thinking of using then?
  8. Now that another year is over, and no-one could be more pleased to get rid of this year more than me :121_reindeer: but who has now started working on their next display for this years christmas? i did 32 channels, with just a little over 3000 lights, snowflake, lanterns, shooting stars and stockings, leaping arches, rope lights, santas, snowmen, and a star display i am thinking a getting a megatree, 9 reindeer and sleigh, another leaping arch, plus more lights in white red and blue taking this christmas to 64 channels. So whos started looking round and looking for ideas for next year?
  9. And a very happy new year from me as welll to you all, i hope 2010 brings you all the luck and piece and happiness that it possibly can do!
  10. just to explain a bit more, i use the trees in the garden the greenhouse and shed roof and the arch as well as a lighted banner our house is behind the camera not lite up
  11. me tooo, i think the punishment for these people should be to hang the christmas lights in the trees in the gardens displays in -1 temperatures with no gloves allowed and no coats either, thats deffo punishment
  12. 2 things to note is id only use one rcd/mcb in the supply same as an rcbo in uk is a gfci and another thing is i will be roping barriering off areas where people should not be walking.
  13. to be fair the motor home vehicle/driver should have waited his turn at the back of the que like everyone else!
  14. just wondered where you buy all you displays from rope light and blow mould decs, need them to be 240v not 110v
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