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    I started out last year with 32 channels of LOR you can
    see my video on you tube (search) meandxmaslight.
    this was so much fun :-)
  1. Home Depot still has the Home Accents Holiday,I saw them yesterday they may be from last year? they don`t have very much, They have the Martha Stewart brand but they don`t dim. they have the GE brand color changing lights too. you should be able the get credit for your lights , I don`t know how much you paid but 30 strands is a lot. good luck!
  2. Did this Mike Glover live in Garden Grove Ca. ?
  3. How about using some white spehers for the snow balls? one channel per ball.
  4. Do you live by or in the candy cane lane area? Mile Square? I grew up just north of there. I hope more are out there and we can get a list of active PC people.
  5. Just trying to find out how many Planet Christmas people are in Orange County California? Maybe we can plan a get together while were not putting up lights.
  6. Looks great, I will soon be a first time archer too. I just finished wrapping my second arch 800 lights per arch two more to go. mine are all LEDs cool white are your arches running in sequence two plugs on eight channels?
  7. I wish i can get that much in a day, looks good. How many more lights do you have to put up? mmmmm more progress.
  8. I have used Home depot LEDs for the past two years, I use the C3 size and they work great, just got another 100 bxs. of cool white for some arches.
  9. Yup , started winding the lights for arch or fire sticks. still not sure what to do,i`m adding 32 more channels this year. 64ch this year.
  10. HEY JIM, So here we go again, I started working on my lights for this year i have been wrapping lights for some arches or fire sticks. not quite sure yet, I `m adding 32 more channels this year, cha ching OH just my luck, I was going to to upgrade the software for LOR and found out that my laptops ( OLD ) processor is not big enough. So you might guess whats next. DARN IT. Hey but its all worth it, stop by when you see me out front or the garage door is open.

  11. Thanks for the Birthday greeting, oh so old hehehehehe young at heart......

  12. Hey Tom, That looks great! How far apart did you have those boards in the pic? I like the way it looks, Cool idea. Did you have those boards covered with anything and did the transformers hold up when flashing with LOR? SORRY about all the Q,S but i like it:) .
  13. Yeah Chuck , Fire Stick has a good ring to it. I think I am going to make some this year, Looks like I need to get some more LOR ?
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