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  1. I am looking at gifting my brother with some replacement C9 LED's. However, the concern we both have with LED's is the brightness, as we like the soft natural glow of the incandescents. Are there any companies that make the reds and greens in a softer color as to avoid the LED's overpowering the rest of the house? Thank you! Kevin
  2. It's tough to see here and covered in snow today (and coming down today), but I used a combination of blue lights and white chaser lights to simulate motion. I raised the lights off of the ground around 3-4" by utilizing rebar that has an 8" bend at each end (think really long "U"). I zip-tied the lights to the rebar to make them nice and tight. Unfortunately, new strands tend to sag. However, the river is over two strands long (as you can) and around 3000 lights. During the offseason, I have an idea that will allow me to roll up or roll out the river instead of duplicating this effort every year.
  3. Would it be possible to cut them down in size and have the end user attach them together with bracing (think flat brackets on each side of the coro and using small nuts/bolts)
  4. Just laughing at how I was concerned over a pond 3 years ago. I improved upon it (twice) and am now going to try to completely revamp something for 2010.
  5. My friends went down there to see it. Said that it was awesome.
  6. I am planning to hang them from the rafters this year (since my walls are filled with cabinets or tools) I am thinking about taking a galvanized pipe and attach one end along one joists and the other across the side of the garage (across the gable). On the opposite side will be a hook that the pipe will sit on, allowing me to slide the deer across for storage. I like your idea, since I can never get the deer to fit like the kid that packaged it....
  7. Save yourself some money.. Buy a chaser light set of clearance right now... Follow this link And then smile
  8. I meant 100 Light (not watt) strand. No responses? Would like to add a single C7 for an effect.
  9. OK, so I read that the insulators did not work well. I have an idea for a base that can be secured to the ground and the tree that should alleviate any GFCI issues.
  10. How do you secure them to the ground? Is that the purpose of the insulated rubber and extra piece of rod? How have they worked thus far? I will be making these in 2010 and repairing my tomato cages for the garden.
  11. Sometimes - - I truly hate our society and how people act. No respect for other's or their belongings.
  12. With a 100W strand, is it feasible to remove 9 bulbs and replace with a 3.5w C7?
  13. I see Richard's display adding elements. And I like many of the displays on here better.
  14. I'm sorry that it has happened.
  15. This thread is worthless without pics.
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