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    I was 10 or 11 years old. A snowfall on Christmas Eve in the 1970's, as "Silver Bells" played over the outdoor speakers in a small city's downtown, while people rushed to get their final shopping done.
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    New Hampshire
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    Ordinary average guy. Christmas, pizza and photography obsessed.
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    Photography, pizza and Christmas decorating.
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    Quality Control Air Breather
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    Proudest of our annual Christmas village. A new house brings new opportunities for decorating.
  1. I hope the forum stays. Yes, they are not as popular as they once were and that other entities, from Pinterest to Facebook, have all the pizazz of the moment, but forums are where serious discussions take place. The internet needs forums. They are an archive of past discussions, which are just absolutely invaluable libraries of information. I love pizza and a particular pizza forum upped my game in a way that social media never can. Reviewing threads that went back to the early 2000's, their information was still relevant to me. The same with this forum. If someone has a question, c
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