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    Rhode Island
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    It all started with icicle lights every Christmas until my present neighbor moved in and started filling up his front yard with decorations.Had to add a couple more strings to my house.
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    xmas lights,paintball,videography,car stereos(SPL),boxing,rugby,football,RC helicopters,gym,All Pro Football 2K8(XBOX360)
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    forklift driver, but I have been asked if I worked for the electric company.lol
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    Just a couple of light-strings on our modest home.Nothing much.

    Started using LOR for 2009 display.
    Built a smaller version of a mega tree.(More like a "medium tree.")Added arches,fans,mini trees and firesticks.Very modest.

    A couple of people stopped by at first and it got a little busier as more people heard about it.

    I think the planning and setting up part is a lot of fun.Probably going to add a couple more strings and channels for 2010.

    2010 I added a couple more channels and light strings.A couple of cars a night stopped by to enjoy it.Kids enjoy it the most.Makes it all worth-while.
    It has gotten a little busier than last year.

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