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  1. sounds a little like what i did. I got a 100 amp surface mount panel from www.jamestownadvanced.com $120 then i got 2 spider boxs off ebay $250 and 150 foot of 6/4 soow from a auction for $50. I had room in my panel to install a 100 breaker. mounted the panel on the side of the house, run one spider box to one side of the yard and the other to the other side. Sure beats having exrtenstion cords running to every outlet i got. The wife said i was crazy untill she didnt see any cords running every where. When i move in a few years i take the panel off the house replace 2 pieces of sideing patch
  2. thanks i alway like a second opinion. makes me sleep better. thanks again
  3. any one ever hear of the 15 foot rule? I had one guy tell me that I can use #8 wire for my 100 amp christmas light sub panel, its about 4 feet from the main panel. I didnt do it, i used #2 (had it laying around). i was just wonder if thats true.
  4. Hello all, iam new here been looking at this site for a little over a year. I decided to up grade my power supply for my lights (12,000) I want to get rid of runnung cords out of ever socket i have, i decided to put 2 50 amp plugs on the back of the house and use spider boxes. ( got the idea from someone on here last year). My question is iam looking for 6/4 or 6/3+8/1 wire about the cheapest i can find is 2.70 a foot. when i need about 150 ft that adds up. Any one seen this any cheaper? thanks for the help.
  5. nice.. very simple i like that thanks
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