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  1. Working on planning my first attempt -- a 16' 1/2 mega tree. Need to order cable ties and was thinking "double sided velcro" could work to attach to base PVC ring. Anyone try it? Also need a good sources for durable cable ties, as I will need some regardless. Thx! Mark
  2. Nice! I'm going to do one with minis and debating how best to make it (PVC, plywood, etc). How tall is yours?
  3. Like the ones Action Lighting used to sell or something else. Need at least 300W per channel and adjustable timing. Prefer something in the $20-30 range. Used ok too. Think I found a source for the old AL ones, but will cost $45 shipped.
  4. Still looking for this if anyone has a good source...
  5. New WalMart Red minis on green wire 100ct for sale. [email protected]$1.25ea plus you pay shipping and any Paypal fees. PM if interested. Mark
  6. Need 2 or 3 channel fader box, ~500W per channel to change half mega tree from green to white. Let me know if you have one or have a good source for an inexpensive one. Mark
  7. Gotcha covered...see PM from me. Mark
  8. Bryan, got you some lights. 35 ea 100ct red on green wire. I'm sending you a PM and email with details. Mark
  9. Bryan, please contact me on the mini lights you wanted me to get. Plan to get Reds and if I find any red/green/clear on white wire those too.--Mark

  10. Bryan, PMed you but haven't heard back. Going to get lights today...please confirm what you want. Mark
  11. WalMart in Rifle, CO has many minis...I took all the green (only 22 boxes of 100 ct), but they have lots of white, red, multi, amber, pink. The 100 ct are $0.50 and they have some 400ct boxes (2 ea 200 ct per box) for $2.25 I think (white only). I think I got what I need for now, but if anyone out there is hurting for some, I may be willing to buy and ship some as long as you cover all costs. Don't plan to buy a bunch to sell, but if there are specific needs I can probably do some of that. If it helps... Mark
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