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  1. Yes, absolutely! These are so cool. I’ve wanted to make at least a couple for a few years.
  2. My favorite is when people think you work there and are afraid that you’re taking all the lights down. You’ll notice people running over to get their one or two boxes. Sometimes someone will ask why you’re taking them down so soon. That’s when you have to decide whether you want to tell them and risk a long discussion with someone that thinks it sounds cool but doesn’t really know what you just said or just say ‘yeah’ and quickly get your stash out of there because you can’t believe you just got a fantastic deal.
  3. I don’t frame my windows but I do frame my shutters. The same idea would work for both. I used 100 mini’s on the large shutter and cut them in half and only used 50 on the smaller ones. The lights are kept straight by lots of wire ties attached to PVC pipe.
  4. I use Audacity, it's free and runs on several operating system and has a ton of features. You can also get several additional plug-in's to increase its functionality. It has multi-track capability which makes it easy to split channels, remove parts and drag them to line up the timing perfectly.
  5. On a positive note... If you slip and fall, it's probably not going to hurt.
  6. This one has a local news video. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2013/03/bay-bridge-light-display-dazzles-san-francisco-.html
  7. http://www.doityourselfchristmas.com is currently down, apparently a major crash since it been down for a week. It's currently being rebuilt and it should be back up shortly. There's a lot of data to be uploaded.
  8. One of the members of DIYC is running a group buy on Vampire Plugs and SPT-2 wire. The prices include the PayPal fees of 2.9% of the total price +$0.30. This does not include shipping but will be shipped UPS at the business rate. Payments are due prior to the parts being ordered. The prices are for PRE-PAID PRE-ORDERS only! The pre-order time is for the next two weeks only and ends after June 30th. Vampire PlugsThese plugs are UL Listed for AC use. They are made for SPT-2 wire and are dark green in color. They are available in both Male and Female in packages of 50 each. The slides are packaged in a separate bag. The plugs are $18.65 (37.3¢ each) including the PayPal “merchant fees” for the Pre-order phase only. After this, the price will be $25 per bag. SPT-2 WireThe SPT-2 wire is 18 gauge, 2 conductors with the “ribs” on the neutral conductor’s insulation. This will come in rolls of 1000′. The wire rolls on Pre-Orders are $108.25 per roll including the PayPal fees. The regular price is $125.00 Additional information can be obtained at his website. http://foleyfamilych...om/?page_id=623 PS: I'm only the messenger. :
  9. Google and a little bit of luck: From the local Sarasota Patch. http://sarasota.patch.com/articles/christmas-sarasota-style
  10. A 100 count string is just two 50 count strings. You can cut them right in the middle. This is what I do. I stagger cut both wires about 1/2" apart so they can't short. I normal don't do anything more than that but you could put heat-shrink on the end if you want. The second half I either attach a crimp on plug or solder on a plug and some of the wire from an old retired string (heat-shrink over the connections). Cut off the plugs from your old strings, this is a great use for them.
  11. You can spend a lot of time editing a song and getting the timing right. I think it's harder then sequencing; your ears are much more sensitive then your eyes. BTW, there are sound programs that you can slow down or speed up the tempo without changing the pitch. You can also change the key without changing the tempo. I found one that you could specify the beats per minute. These are also useful if you want to mix parts of multiple songs. I've used parts of other peoples sequences before but I found that I spent close to the same time fixing it to my liking as it would take to write it from scratch using their's as an example. This all can become quite frustrating at times but it's quite rewarding in the end. It's also interesting how the vast amount of time this stuff takes, gets compressed and doesn't seem to be that bad when you're done.
  12. Yeah you got it right. The spring just has to be strong enough to lift the weight. Now that I re-think this, you only need the upper spring. The rod just needs to be longer to travel down below the lowest resting point of the object you're moving. The object should hit a resting point and stop at the bottom. So the spring is doing the lifting and can over travel and gravity brings it back down to a fixed point even though the rod will continue to travel a little farther. The spring and rod is nothing more than the spring and ink cartage in a pen. It's also got the over travel that I'm talking about.
  13. Jason, if you want vertical motion and a pause without stopping the motor you just need a bit of over travel. Basically you're pushing with a spring. You'll need two for both ends of travel in your case. When you hit the end, the rest of the travel is taken up by compressing the spring. Find a bi-fold door and look at the spring mechanism at the top of both doors to see what I'm talking about. If you still don't understand, let me know and try to mach up something.
  14. OK now that you've vented, maybe we can move on... BTW, I was being sarcastic also. I was just trying to tone it down a bit before it got out of hand. Did you ever find what you were looking for? If so, how the sequencing going?
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