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  1. I'm pretty sure that posting "I'm going to through a blowmold away" in the blowmold forum would have gotten immediate attention.
  2. A ground fault is any time all of the current coming out on the hot wire doesn't return on the neutral wire. This typically means that some of the current is returning through earth such as someone standing on wet ground and somehow coming in contact with the hot wire. It doesn't even need to be a direct contact. There is at least 15 amps of potential current available and only .015 amps passing through your heart will stop it. You can buy GFCI's that plug into a standard outlet (some with only two prongs) that you can plug your extension cord in to.
  3. It depends on how long it's been frozen. This time of year, it's probably only an inch or two down. Once you break through, it won't be frozen. Pointed rebar will go through the ice easier then a blunt one. I've hammered Phillips head screwdrivers in first as a pilot hole. The sooner you get in though, the easier it will be.
  4. I'm hoping for no more than 30
  5. Probably will upset the time continuum or something.
  6. I made a lot of PVC clips out of cheap pipe. I use these for just about everything. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/24335-Attaching-things-to-vinyl-siding?p=240753&highlight=pvc+clips#post240753
  7. DIY is just that, you do it yourself. You wanted a board that was already built and weren't willing to put in the effort to put one together. In that case, you were told that you may as well just buy a LOR because that's all you wanted anyway. A big part of the cost savings for DIY is that you do your own assembly. If you can get into a group buy, the parts are cheaper because of quantity discount. There's been a lot of controllers put together by people that had never used a soldering iron previously. Out of the hundreds of people that I've taught to solder, there was only one that just didn't seem was ever going to get it. He really only wanted to write software anyway so it didn't matter.
  8. I've been waiting for my first floor roof to melt. Well it just wasn't going to happen so I went out and shoveled it off. Good thing because where the upper roof was dripping, it was creating ice. I hung a few more lights on the house while ice water was dripping on me. Man I hate that! It alway seemed no matter where I stood, it started running instead of just dripping. I swear someone was on the upper roof, following me around. Still have a lot to do. Don't know if all be ready on Friday for sure but it's going to be close. Fortunately, most of the snow in my yard did melt so maybe the yard want be to bad. I sure wish that I had planed the unknown better though.
  9. Myth Busters tested duct tape to see how strong it really was. They sawed the top and most of the body off of a car and then put it all back together, holding it with nothing more than duct tape. Then they drove it around with several high speed turns on an asphalt track, even launching it in the air trying to shake it apart. It completely held together with nothing flapping even the least bit. Tough stuff!
  10. So if incandescent mini's are still around in another 20 years, they'll be about 5 feet long and they'll fit in a cigarette box. Should make it easier to stretch them out.
  11. If you don't mind soldering then you might want to check out the do it yourself site. http://www.doityourselfchristmas.com You can create a simple controller yourself or use one of the designs created by some of the residents. You can etch your own board or buy one the professionally made ones. Typically they're around $10. You can then place an order with Mouser electronics for the parts. They're simple to assemble and if you have any problems there is alway someone on the site willing to help. There are controllers from the very simple to complex. Oh... and the light control software is free!
  12. I understand capacitive coupling but I'm not so sure that I can believe that you can get enough at a 60Hz frequency. We got to be talking picofarads of coupling and I just don't see much current coming through even when you multiply it with several mini trees. Some people have also suggested that it's inductive coupling because it's a steel frame. I don't see milliamperes of coupling at 60 Hz either. If it was a capacitive (or inductive) coupling, then everyone would be having problems all the time whether it was raining or not. The only way that makes sense is that the water is partially conductive and passing from a light socket to the metal frame and then to the ground. Raising the frame of the ground far enough so that water can't make a continuous flow will break the connection. I welcome a friendly discussion if you still disagree.
  13. I don't remember the circuit exactly. It uses a simple Op-Amp amplifier. It's possible that it's polarity sensitive. With AC it wouldn't matter. If so, either turning it upside down or coming it at it from the other side sould make it work.
  14. I can see this on long runs. The CAT5/CAT6 will have a lower capacitance. The capacitance will attenuate the signal making it easier for noise to corrupt the data.
  15. You can use the LPK sensor to find an open. You can only reverse if it's not a polarized plug, in which case just start sensing from the opposite end.
  16. Too bad you don't have any snow... You could just lay down in it, works wonders.
  17. The colder temps are a bit of a motivator for me. I seem to be saying "good enough" more then I was when it was warmer.
  18. GFCI's measure the difference in current going out on the hot and coming back on the neutral wires. If it's different then its assumed the current is going somewhere else, such as earth ground. You can get false triggers if the two wires are somehow different also, ie. size or length. You can have intermittent issues if there is a poor connection on one wire. If you can't find a problem then maybe you actually have a ground fault problem. Think about your display and how there could possibly be a connection, even a weak one, to earth ground.
  19. I guess I'd rather have snow than super cold temperatures. The kind where you kick a chunk of snow and it rings like a bell.
  20. I still need to be on a ladder. I hate when it's attached to skis too. Oh this is going to be fun... NOT!
  21. I'm pretty sure that the hours sprinkled throughout the rest of the year will come close to or more than this. I didn't realize this but my wife calls attention to it. I'm working on this display even when I'm buying extension cords, scanning garage sales or just walking though any store. My controllers are designed and built from the ground up, though I did build a couple LOR controllers this year. And those decorations don't make themselves, at least not for me. Hour's? Yeah, wat too much.
  22. If 'Edit' is shown on the lower right of your post, you can change it. I believe it's only available of a 1/2 hour or so though. You could contact the moderator of this forum to change any previous posts. Edit: The mod for this forum is Chuck Smith and Moderator12. If you click on Quick Links at the top you'll see 'View Forum Leaders' in the drop down. You can send a PM to the Mod's of any forum there.
  23. I think that's the way it should have been to start. Charging to use the app is like charging to watch. The feature should be just another facet of the the display.
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