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  1. I purchased 3 27 Channel DMX controllers from ALiexpress ( Not Ray Wu green board type) I have one Holiday Coro board and this one has soldering pads for cat5. The ones from Aliexpress do not. These only have the 3 pin xlr. I have the Holiday Coro one and have the cat 5 to 5pin xlr cable but, what is the pinout for the board with only xlr connections? I de soldered one boards xlr pod and have tried attach cat 5 cables to the xlr soldering points. Question: Do I need to use a different wiring combo from the 3pin xlr to the cat 5 splitter which goes into the entec open dmx usb? I am
  2. Not sure if this helps. I used a motor and the turn table from one of those stand tower up fans. The fan didn't blow anymore so I am going to use it to turn my Santa back an fourth. Just grabbed the motor and switch and turn table. I had to rewire it a little.
  3. Hello, Newbie to Planet Christmas and the blog/forum world. So, please excuse. You mentioned that the power co installed a transformer. The power co just replaced a blown nineteen seventies step down transformer in my backyard will this mean I am good to go or, do they need to install another? Sadly I will miss having a computerized light show this year and will have to make do with the off the shelf Ge wireless light show. Now if i could only hack it and play mp3's.
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