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    i love christmas time one of my favorite times of the year
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    softball camping fishing
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    hvac installer tehnician
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    i have around ten thousand lights over 40 blow mold figures 2009 is my first year animated have done static display for 19 years
  1. not sure, never took it apart, it is a sealed box about 2 inches by 4 inches has two lead wires in and 3 wires out,
  2. someone please help, i have these snowflakes that are led and i no longer want them on the controller i would loke them to stay on always
  3. so 12 channels to make the tree spin would be enough and then sequence the blue and red with the doors and windows ? that was my thought too ! yes i did look at strobes too and want to do that also was looking at them tonight . what did you sequence your tree to? thinking that my tree will be my highlight.:santasmileyitty:
  4. Can anyone tell me will 16 channels give me a good 10 foot mega tree ? I want to do three colors red white and blue. I want the white to spin . I am going to start out with 48 channels and want to outline the windows and doors too. Just want to make sure 16 will be enough for the tree .:121_reindeer:
  5. thank you for welcoming me to pc. another night of pure joy. i am so liking animation. wish i would have done this years ago.
  6. been putting lights up for 19 years and this is my first year with animation. started out small with six channel Mr Christmas and I LOVE IT. already planning to get lor next year. Wanted to thank Mr Fuchs from lebanon ohio for leading me in this direction and to this web site.
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