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  1. A couple of months back I painted two of my bedroom walls orange (It's a light pumpkin orange). When I planned to paint the walls, I didn't think about the fact that only Halloween and possibly Thanksgiving goes well with this color. Now I am planning to decorate my room for Christmas, but orange is not traditionally a Christmas color and I don't have money to paint the walls again. Can anyone suggest me some good tips to make my room more Christmassy? Thanks..
  2. I thought it might be useful to post any good Christmas ornament bargains we find at Walmart. Anyone else can join in, too. I have noticed ornaments are going cheap this year at Walmart. A huge box of 32-Piece Shatterproof ornaments(Teal Water) is going for $15, Mary Engelbreit Wreath Ornaments, Set of 6 is going for $17.44 and 12 piece Nativity set at $12.00. Lets share your finds..
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