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    Tomball Tx
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    Just a guy who loves to make others smile during the holidays and any other time for that matter.

    This will be just my second year using LOR so I need all the advice I can get. Looking to buy more controllers too. Only have 4 now.
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    Golf and Christmas Lights!
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    Nothing too big as of now. 8 mini trees, 9 6ft trees, talking santa face, shrubs, trees, inflatables, ply cutouts, floods, C9 LED and incan, small arches.

    This will be my first year with a display. Last year I rushed a 16 channel show up 2 weeks before Christmas. Only got 5 songs sequenced but liked it allot. Now Im hooked and ready to go big, baby steps for now though.

    I plan on having at least 64 channels this year but hope to have 80 or more.

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  1. Both, but probably mainly non. This would be more of a secular night with just some great tunes from the 80's.
  2. I found this Christmas Tree song 3 days ago and thought I had the perfect song when it first came on. Then I heard the lyrics and it saddened me greatly. No one has answered the question yet as to whether or not they can edit the song properly so that it has better lyrics. I would LOVE to hear it, I just dont think its possible.
  3. Dont have a clue how my post went up twice and totally different times? I am baffled on that one.
  4. Pm was sent, not sure I am in time or not though.
  5. Pm was sent, not sure I am in time or not though.
  6. I'd like the new one. Is it any shorter than the old one though because it was almost 8 minutes?
  7. Anyone have any suggestions for 80's songs that were upbeat and would show well for lights?
  8. Same thing with me on shipping and cost, but I am interested in 100 each of 100 ct minis in red, green, and clear.
  9. Oh, and the one I posted is from a commercial also. Just not nearly as old as the 60's and 70's versions of "I'd like to teach the world to sing". Those are for sure the classics though. You never forget commercials like that.
  10. Let me work on it a bit. Its got to be out there somewhere. I would like to have that one too. If it cant be found, I know there is a way to extract the audio from a video file. Im just not sure how you do it right now. Havent ever had a reason for needing to know. Im pretty sure it can be done though. You might want to research it. I will post here if I find the song. I will look tonight and post here if I find anything. Tim
  11. Went and got this one! Nice suggestion here. I have heard it before but never knew the name. Thanks Depper!
  12. You can get it here. http://sinan.ussakli.net/basstest/ I re-found it in the TXH thread. :giggle:
  13. Nevermind. I found it. My apologies.
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