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  1. Home depot, kmart and sears all sell the stick/twig trees. Since they come with either white lights or multicolor lights. Most people end up buying the white and adding the other colors. I dont know if anyone has switched them to RGB although it can easily be done and might actually be cheaper then multiple sets of LEDS.
  2. gex598

    Failing Led Set

    I ordered an LED keeper this last weekend, how do I know if its one of the rectifiers?
  3. gex598

    Failing Led Set

    In the last week I've had 4 half sets of led fail. These are blue 70ct lights purchased from on of the vendors on this forum. This is the 3rd year I have used the lights and the first time I've had a problem. Is there a way to fix the sets? I wondering if it may be from alot of fades. All four sets that have failed so far are part of a tomato cage Holdman line, and three of them are the tail end of the third set
  4. I purchased LED from a vendors presale last year. I noticed the LED that are inside have lost alot of brightness since I put them up the weekend before Thanksgiving. I still have new unused sets so I took a new one and pluged it in next to a set that has been in use. The difference is huge! Is this typical? I have not compared a new set to the sets outside in the display yet.
  5. Bill shipping USPS parcel post I came up with $25.50 a box. I can fit 50-55 sets in each box so for 200 sets shipping would be right at $100 dollars. I'll pay half the shipping if you take 100 of each so call it $350 for 100multi and 100white shipped.
  6. I'll figure out the best way to ship them once I get home. Do you want the white and multi?
  7. Placed my order for 3 cases of blue 5mm lights today. Can't wait till next year so I can replace my faded blue incandescent lights!
  8. Around 180 total, if you intrested in them all I'll help on the shipping.
  9. Have well over 100 sets of each $1.50 a set plus shipping. These are Holiday Style brand on green wire 22.5 total length.
  10. 30623 Birdhouse Drive Wesley Chapel, FL 33545 (Just North of Tampa) 16 channels - 10000 lights Broadcast on 88.7fm Everyday 6pm-11pm
  11. Just came back from Dollar General with over 400 sets of minis. They only have mulit, white and white on white wire but still its a $1 a set!
  12. Do you still any of these? On another note what part of Tampa are you in. This my first year doing a LOR display and would like to check out some other local ones. I'm in Wesley Chapel.
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