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  1. I am interessed to buy your 3 controller and fm transmitter for 400$ 

  2. I am having a difficult time finding C6 led green lights this year in my area. Has anybody ordered led s online from a reliable supplier? Brad
  3. I am wondering, is it possible to split strings of mini lights. I have lots of 50 foot strings and want to know if and how to cut these in half so strings of 25s can be used in my project?
  4. Well Doug, I am still looking for them....another thing I need to purchase is 2 red and 2 green LED floodlights. Any ideas or suggestions? Talons
  5. They are hard to find and the one site that sells them, Collections etc. ran out before Christmas and do not have a re-stocking date and the rep I spoke with said they might not carry them again.....Grrrr. I checked Ebay and am on the constant hunt for these.
  6. I will be making a trip to the southern states in Apr/May and am looking for two items to pick up while I am there. The first is the giant bulb light ornaments as in the attached picture. I have checked Collections etc and they are sold out. Where else can I purchase this item? The second is some LED flood lights, looking for red and green and any help would be really appreciated.
  7. That looks fantastic, great work
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