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  1. I am building pvc snowflakes for my roof, 2 small and 7 large and using 1 inch pvc. I put 3 x 3 ft pieces held together in the middle with ready rod. How will I secure these to the roof? I cant leave them flat on the roof, because the effect will be lost. I am racking my brain to try and design something that will raise and secure (to the roof) the top of the snowflakes 1.5 to 2 foot off the roof. Any ideas?

  2. They are hard to find and the one site that sells them, Collections etc. ran out before Christmas and do not have a re-stocking date and the rep I spoke with said they might not carry them again.....Grrrr. I checked Ebay and am on the constant hunt for these.

  3. I will be making a trip to the southern states in Apr/May and am looking for two items to pick up while I am there.

    The first is the giant bulb light ornaments as in the attached picture. I have checked Collections etc and they are sold out. Where else can I purchase this item? The second is some LED flood lights, looking for red and green and any help would be really appreciated.

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