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    Static for now. Working on becoming animated!
  1. Talk to the neighbors and try to convince them to let you use their power.... ?
  2. Hey Darlene,

    Looks like ya'll made it home ok. :)

  3. Seeing how we're leaving out Tues. night around 8pm and connonballing the 12 hrs to get there for Wed. morning, we'll probably check out the back of our eyelids till Thurs morning.
  4. We'll be staying at the Hampton as well...
  5. We'll see ya'll in TN!!! Hopefully might be able to cross the border to come to the mini. I think I'm going to have to take the bull by the horns and organize our own mini over here in LA. Might be try to get with you, Mike, and get some tips on planning at Plus. Looking forward to meeting everybody. Mikah and Laura Crochet
  6. Hi guys, Just wondering how everybodies season turned out. It was our first year animated and we had a ball. For being in a relatively secluded neighborhood, we actually had a few cars stop to watch. Even had a couple stop more than once . Would love to be able to get together with a couple of the other displays in the area during the off season. Hope ya'll have a safe and profitable new year. The Crochets Baton Rouge, LA
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