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    5 LOR Controllers. 3-5 channel dancing arches. 2 big oak trees with the trunks wrapped with 5 channels each. Three colors and Icycles on the house. etc....
  1. And I thought spending a little over a week to set up was crazy. I hope my wife shoots me before I get that BAD. LOL
  2. I think you sould fill your yard with all mini trees. Even if you have to put 5 to a channel. :giggle:
  3. I think you are in the clear. Just make sure there are no major stations to interfere with. I am transmitting over 4 blocks or so. I hope that I don't get messed with. :giggle:
  4. Hey all, This is my second season using LOR controlled light display. My address is 2705 Temple pl. Ponca City I have a brother that got me into the lights to music. He has an impressive display in town also. He has 120+ channels. His address is 513 Lora Ponca City :santasmileyitty:
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