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    Stuck in my memory for life is the first year I ran Virtual Santa and I keep hearing noises outside. So I finally ran out and a 4 year old boy was yelling at the Santa in the window to bring him out some candy.
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  1. Hello All, We are running a Sale to May 31th 2013. Click here to go to sale.
  2. Hello All, I just got some RGB Led pixels I ordered on Aliexpress.com and have decided I don't have time this year to figure all this out. So I am selling them for what I have in them. Here is a link to what I am selling. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/RGB-full-LED-pixel-module-WS-2811IC-DC5V-input-50pcs-a-string-IP67/571647028.html (Picture of them is at this link). I have 48 sets. Each set has 50 RGB pixel modules. I want to sell the whole lot of 48 to someone or I will break them in to lots of 24. I have $21.00 in each string. PM or email at [email protected] Thanks!
  3. Auction has been moved back to Monday. She did not talk to Auctioneer when she changed plans and he said she can not move the date, because it was advertised for Monday. All Christmas Stuff will go on monday and can't be sold on Saturday. If you can make it on Monday, it will be to your advantage, most local will not bid on them and other Christmas people will not be able to get there on Monday.
  4. The Date for the auction has been moved back to Saturday the 17th of September to accommodate more people.
  5. Hello All, I had a customer pass away (Kevin Lanzerotti) last year and his wife contacted me and needs to sell all his Christmas items. Here is a list of what is for sale. She is having an auction on Sept. 19 at 10:30 at her home: 3375 Muskopf Court, Fairfield, OH 45014. If you need here phone number you can contact me via Private message. GE 100 LED crystal miniatures (used 1 season) -- 84 strands GE 100 LED micro (used 1 season) -- 112 strands GE 50 LED micro -- (used 1 season) -- 95 strands GE 200 LED C6 crystal -- (used 1 season) -- 12 spools GE 100 LED micro icicle
  6. What is the width of one side? I have had Santa setup with a 2' wide window. If you can, you want to keep it 30" to 36" wide window. This keeps Santa the size of a real person. The video I demo Santa in has two windows side by side. Ecah side was 36". I just used one side. The only time you want to make Santa bigger is if you are far away from the street were people will be viewing.
  7. Hello All, If you have been interested in Virtual Santa, we are offering a a super deal. We sent out an email to all on our list and wanted to post it here just in case you are not on our list. Here is a link to read about this deal. http://christmaslightshow.com/virtual_santa_deal.html If you are interested, sign up at this link and we will give you futher instructions. http://christmaslightshow.com/sign_up_vs.html If you want to know about anything we offer or do in the future you can sign up here. http://christmaslightshow.com/pages.php?pageid=8
  8. Did you see the post about the MINI in Lexington?

  9. The 3/8" rebar is thin enough and you can see it when you are sliding the cane over it. You can always wrap the rebar with black tape.
  10. Hey Tim, You can use 3/8" rebar that you can get in 18" pieces at Lowes or Home Depot.
  11. Hello All, Just wanted to let you know that Taylor Gits has set of 3 lighted Candy Canes for $1.99. That is a steal. Here is the link. http://www.taylorgifts.com/prodetail.asp?src=TC072409&itemno=16916&nlid=11025.1192640. Darryl
  12. I did not read anything bad, just wanted to clarify for someone esle that might read it wrong. Yeah the standard screw on hook head is a good to use for most size trees. and cost less or about the same then the bun foot hook head. The bun foot was what I came up for my first mega tree in 2003 and I know alot of people built there own. The metal cost about the same and will not fall apart like the bun foot.
  13. Hello Chris, We set one up at the Texas show last year using 96 set of lights. Once I had the base setup it took us probably 4 hours. It was me and two others that had not experience. They did most of he work. About Braiding: On our 40' tree that we did for the city of Louisville, we ziped tied them every 1 1/2'. I would not spend to much time braiding them unless you are using LEDs or commercial lights. If you are using Wal-mart/Target lights then they will fade. Another thing that will help when connecting is to get you some color zip ties and once you braid three strings put
  14. You are buying more then a winch. This is a tree that comes with the winch, hook head that you crank up and Pulley head that holds a star and lets you guy wire your tree before you start. This is a huge advantage because you might not get you tree done and we all know it can be windy during setup and something left without guy wire can be taken down by the wind. Plus you get a base around the tree if you like a tree with a trunk. Also when you take the lights straight to the ground verus a tree shaped with a trunk, taking then to the ground is the fastest way.
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