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  1. 12 boxes Home accents 300CT Clear $ 3.50 each Green wire 1 Strand 77.8' 190 Boxes Home accents 70 CT Clear $ .75 each Green Wire 1 Strand 11' 35 Boxes GE 100 CT Multi $ 3.00 each Green wire 1 Strand 29'
  2. All new in box. Boxes are alittle dusty from sitting in storage.
  3. We have deside to limit our display. So clearing out all my spare light strings. Shipping costs to be added to final cost. Will add more as we go thru boxes. 16 Boxes holiday living 450 CT Multi $ 4.00 each Green Wire 3 Strands 40' 4" 12 boxes Home accents 300CT Clear $ 3.50 each Green wire 1 Strand 77.8' 190 Boxes Home accents 70 CT Clear $ .75 each Green Wire 1 Strand 11' 35 Boxes GE 100 CT Multi $ 3.00 each Green wire 1 Strand 29'
  4. Soory about the delay in sending totals I was swamped at work. Pm's sent to all requesting lights. Still 200 boxesleft.
  5. I have several 70 ct. clear minis for sale. 50 cents a box plus shipping. Bought them to do a display and got involed in another large project instead. Priced them cheap to get them out of the basement. Will do Paypal, money order. I have a bunch.
  6. The company I work for charges about $96hr for 1 truck/1 man service call plus parts. Most don't figure in is the cost of parts. We won't use $15 gfci recp. from HD / lowes we use a $42 spec grade gfci. Have had way to many return trips with cheap gfci's. Depending on the job and LJA (I.E. romex/pipe) rules it could be a 3 to 8 hour job. We are a nation wide contractor:D
  7. In the pictures posted, thecontrollers and channel recp were hard piped and wired, that would make them a permanent installation.
  8. His was a permanent installation so it would have to follow code. LOR panels do not act as overcurrent protection so the wire would have to be sized #12 if feed with 20 amps or #14 if feed with 15 Amps. With the number of conductors in the conduit you would have the derate the current carrying capacity of the wire to about 40% so a #14 would only be good for 7.2 amps. You would have to run a #8 to cover 15 amp with that many wires in the conduit run. I worked for one contractor setting up a park for their yearly light display. We ran over 200,000 feet of conduit for display receptacleswith no more that 3 current carrying conductors per conduit.
  9. Where is the buzz at the main panel or the sub panel?Is the sub panel a main lug or main breaker?
  10. Santas Helper wrote: I have to ask How did it pass inspection? I know Oklahoma city follows the NEC 2002.
  11. Can't find it in the NEC code book thats why I was asking also called my local suppliers about romex with an orange or yellow wire in it none of them have seen it but will check with to see if it can be custom ordered. I would assume you could be refering to the fact that the outer jacket is color coded to show wire size IE. White #14, Yellow #12, and Orange #10
  12. What part of code requires switch at each entrance to room? And where do you get romex with orange and yellow wire in it? Landscape lighting cable is listed as a Low Voltage Cable. (most being labeled for 30volts and under). Using it in an unlisted manor will make you liable if someone would get shocked or if you have a fire. Also most landscape lighting cable will allow some moisture to penatrate the cable because they don't worry about it shorting to ground be cause the secondary side of the transformer is ungounded.
  13. If you only put one recp. on each circuit it must be rated for the breaker size. IE. 15 amp breaker 15 amp recp., 20 amp breaker 20 amp recp.
  14. Our local inspectors allow a variance on this we can use tape to identify the wires. HAve you ask the inspector if you can just use tape to identify the condutors. You could also strip the insulation off one of the counductors for the ground 100 ft would only take a couple of minutes to do with a sharp knife. .50 cents a ft is prety cheap I might be able to get it for a little less but the shipping cost would eat up any savings. Darren, If they are just throwing out that wire I'd take if you can get it. I just sold some scrap copper @ 1.80 lb bare and insulated was 1.30 lb. A quick way to make money for more lights;)
  15. Steven Singleton Jr. wrote: Will it get us theright tobuy lights wholesale?
  16. Well here goes just got back from home depot bought 534 boxes of the 70 ct clear got them down to .15 a box. Looks like I'll be paintinguntil July......and instead of one 30 ft mega tree it will be 2 9 ft mini-mega trees andI'll have to buy 1 more16 channel LOR boxesbut I'll suffer thru it.
  17. MichaelC wrote: What kind of paint would you use on minis, I cant even find multi color strand to swap out but If I can paint them I'll go buy some of the clears I see everywhere.
  18. How about 30 bottles of whiskey with a note to take one daily at 5 PM?
  19. Need 25 more boxes of the Lowes Holiday Living 450 ct Multi-Color mini lights.
  20. http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/forum12/1666.html
  21. Sorry to see what happened to the Tree... Guess you'll just have to build it bigger:shock:
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