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  1. Ok, so then I gateher that, upon further inspection by a qualified professional, a plugin subpanel MAY be an option. As far as "headroom" goes, I think I should be fine there because I remember the landlord saying that he had the service upgraded to 200 amp bacause he used to run a silk screening business from the garage and that is where he had his dryers and all hooked up. I guess that now I just need to figure out what my actual power requirements are, figure in a safety margin, and call an electrician. As for the 220v extension cord, I had figured that to be super heavy duty as I hope t
  2. Thanks for the input! I have spoken to my landlord and the furthest that he is willing to allow me to go is to havea singe4 wire outlet installed (professionally of course and at my cost) next to the breaker box. My main breaker at the box is 200 amp. Since I can possibly spec this out, could it be a workable idea to have that outlet installed and use a SUPER HEAVY DUTY extension cord running to a remotesubpanel with gfci's? Is there anything that I should specifically spec to an electrician for the install? Does anyone possibly have any other suggestions for my rental dilemma? BTW... As
  3. I have a dilemma when it comes to setting up a good light show. Since I live in a rental property, it isn't feasible for me to have the house rewired to supply enough current for a display. Not to mention that the landlord porbably would not approve. My soloution is quite simple I think, and is where I'm looking for some expert opinion. I do have access to a 240v receptical in my garage. I know that a single 240 on it's own is still not sufficent to provide the required power but, could it be done like this... 240v mains -> Transformer or other means of increasing power -> dedica
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