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  1. So how do you plan to incorporate the floods in your display? Do you sequence you lights to music?
  2. So how do you plan to control the individual colors?
  3. No blow molds for me either. Love the "clean" look as well. Neatly wrapped trees, net lights, roof lines, mini mega trees, mini trees and arches. I've never bought a set of "multi" lights, it's all one solid color string of lights. I can make a multi string come on if I want to by having all of the green, red, white and blue on a tree come on, but I personally dont like the look. I even jumped up 32 more channels this year to try and keep that look going on the new house we moved into. Will definitely be diving into RGB and Pixel based lighting very soon.
  4. You can also go to Richard Holdmans behind the scenes video and he shows you how he deals with his and the winds, etc. Hancock Christmas Lights has taken many ideas from Richard it appears.
  5. Couple of thoughts on your initial post, after viewing your video. You have plenty of opportunity to improve on what you have. I am not bashing your display, but things in everyone's display, except those elite few, could always be cleanded up. If you are done with the display, then you are done. Instead of packing your stuff away, you can sell it. As you noted, there are plenty of people out there who are getting into what is becoming a year round hobby.
  6. Isn't this a hobby? As everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, I wouldn't think that there would need to be limits on creativity. If you enjoy the display, enjoy the work, can build upon it each year, then why not either carry on the tradition, or get involved? Does it really matter that there are more animated displays? There are more and more static displays each year in my area. It sounds as if some people want to be the only "show" in town
  7. How has your Mega Tree held up with this latest storm?
  8. Hi Cliff Thanks for the info. Yes, pics would be great. Visual learner here.
  9. Was wondering if anyone has cut rope lighting? If so how would you go about it? Pics and how to if possible Thanks
  10. jonnyci

    Green Lights

    Where did all of the green lights go?
  11. Does anyone know how many mini lights the Holiday Coro 46 inch x 46 inch singing pumpkin uses?
  12. Got some questions about this too as I am thinking about jumping in. What do I do if my PC only has 2 USB ports?
  13. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong, Robert you would not be able to use the Chase at all. These are "dumb" strips, correct? You will only be able to use the fade, twinkle, shimmer as they are all going to display the same color at the same time.
  14. OK, so when was this video taken? Yesterday?
  15. Would any of those beta testers out there be willing to post a video of how you have your ELOR and everything set up? Got videos of the light control, but would like to see the whole set up. Thanks!
  16. jstjohnz - you have to post pics of your build and set up. This could be the inspiration we need to take that finally leap!
  17. jonnyci

    Good Price?

    Yep, Walgreens is where saw 'em. Holiday Seasons Professional Series. Normal price is 10.99.
  18. jonnyci

    Good Price?

    Hi I was wondering if you guys could tell me if $6.49 for a string of C-6 50 count LED's, 16.3 lighted length, is a good price or not. Thanks Jon
  19. Here in the upper midwest I think that the warm weather has contributed to the run on lights and deocrating this year. I have neighbors who I have lived next to for 8 years who never put up a single light, but this year they have put out about 10 sets of white minis. Driving through the neighborhoods, I am seeing tons of houses with lights. I started converting the display to LED. I am at about 30% maybe. I just came back from Walgreens where they have 50 count C6 LED's on clearance for $6.49. My research shows not a bad price.
  20. Isnt the benefit of having LOR and part of what you are paying for, is the ability to use the Show Schedule? All of the work is in the sequencing and setting up. With LOR I can pull up in the driveway, enjoy a song or two and spend the evening relaxing. If I get tired before 10 PM, when my show shuts down, I can got to bed and not worry. I even have the radio that I have play on the weekend on outdoor speakers playing in the yard on a timer set to go on an off with my show. To quote the great salesman Ron Popeil - "Set it and forget it"
  21. Dude, WOW. Great clean work. Can I ask the total cost of the RGB Tree when it is all said and done?
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