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  1. I used a lot of zip ties. I either soldered the colors together or if it was a long run I just used that color and connected all the pig tails together at the bottom for that channel. I did use the quick connect terminals too. I did not have any failures on the frames. It does take some time to do it if you use several colors. I also use the 2 connector security alarm wire to do splices. You can get it pretty cheap on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Security-Wire-Burglar-Alarm-22-2-Cable-500FT-Stranded-White-500-Speaker-Cable-/121020494971?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c2d62347b Terry
  2. I used 3528 strips on wire frames last year and had pretty good results. Here is a video of the Chipmunks. David and the Chipmunks are done in strips. https://vimeo.com/56910401
  3. THurrle

    Web Site

    My web site is now back on line. Watch for new frames to be added in the coming months.
  4. THurrle

    Web Site

    I am currently changing hosting companies and my web site will be down until further notice. I will still be making wireframes and will post when the site is up and runing. If you need information on a frame just send me a PM and I will contact you Thanks Terry
  5. Since I have a oxy accet. torch I just melt the ends. Works great.
  6. These are all M5 bulbs
  7. I have the following strings of led for sale. 35 strings of Green 25 Strings of warm white 35 strings of Red These are all 50 count strings on white wire 4 inch spacing, length is 16.5 feet. I am selling these for $7.50 a string plus shipping These are new lights never used. Full wave replacable bulbs. PM if interested. I will update this post as the lights sell
  8. I bought my hook head last year and was very happy with it. Works great. I did had to modify a little this year because of the size nipple I am using on my topper I made. It is easy to reduce or go up in size on the nipple. 3G does a good job. I hae sent several people over to them for toppers.
  9. THurrle

    Last Week

    Christmas in July wire frame sale ends in one week. Last chance to order frames ad a 20% discount. Contact me through my web site or PM here. Thanks Terry
  10. Contact http://www.diyledexpress.com/ They sell enclosures and they will know which one yo would want.
  11. Depending on the frame I have used both 4 inch spacing and 2.5 inch spacing. I also use 3528 led strip on a number of my frames. It is really up to the individual and what they think looks best. When I used the 4 inch spacing I spaced the bulbs evenly all the way around and got pretty good results. either get black out caps as mentioned or you can use black vinyl tape which is less expensive to black them out with. Here is a picture of a frame I made for a person and I had some extra lights I sold him and put them on for him. You will need to get light clips for the frame if you don't have them. You can get them pretty reasonable from www.Christmas-LEDs.com
  12. Sale prices are now posted on web site. Enjoy your shopping.
  13. All items in my store will be on sale at 20% off for the Christmas in July sale. I will change the prices June 30 to reflect the savings. Now is the time to order your frames at a discount price. Thanks for looking Terry
  14. I built this for a friend but it is not on my website. I can make this when requested by pm or email off the web site.
  15. We don't have a great amount of parking on our street in front of my hours and I do spend a lot of time directing traffic during the show time usually on weekends. I have had no complaints from neighbors yet. The police have been buy many times and assured me there is no problems and I wont be shut down. I am shortening the length of my show this year just to keep the traffic moving. People have been patient and waited for a place to park as the traffic moves on. Some just walk up and stand on the side walk and watch. There are speakers out side too for them to hear the music.
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