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    Im a senior in high school with this being my first year of synchronized lights.
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    Christmas Lights, boating, piano
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    This is my first year with computer controlled lights. I took the 10,000 static lights that I had last year and hooked them up to a CTB16 controller i purchased as a kit.
  1. I double and triple checked my show sequences before I turned the display on for the year. I removed the channel from all of my sequences so it cant be going off with any one of the sequences. Also, it never goes off at the same time in the show, and I dont believe it is during the same song either. Like tonight, we pulled into the driveway and the sign was on and working, but then once my shoes were off and I looked out the front window, it was out???
  2. I have my donation box and sign lights on a background sequence that runs through the entire show. However, it will randomly shut off in the middle of the show. It doesnt happen nightly, but it has happened at least 5 or 6 times. It also doesnt happen at the same time during the show. I have seen it shut off 10 minutes into the show and then 2 hours into the show. This is a frustrating issue and it is annoying to keep running an extension chord in the middle of the show to fix the problem. Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be?????
  3. Hey everybody! This is my first post on here and my first year to have arches. Its only my second year programming and my first year of college so I am trying to be efficient with my time thats why im asking for help. I have mastered the basic chasing on arches, but what other designs and patterns work well for arches? Any suggestions at all would be extremely helpful. Im also a visual person so screen images are great! Thanks for the help!
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