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  1. For Sale ShowTime MP3 Director LOR1602MP3 Asking 175.00 OBO I had sold everything in 2016 and just found this in the Moving Boxes. Never used what you see is what you get. MG
  2. Hello sir do you still have any controllers for sale?  How much are you asking now?? The style I am looking for, is in you picture with the numbers 13,14,16 . Please let me know. Thanks

  3. Miguel


    sent pm, send me three of the Controller, see pm for emial to send paypal invoice Thanks
  4. Miguel


    do any if the 19 controller have a director i would be intrested in purchasing i have sent a pm.
  5. BTW do you have a contrller with a director? Miguel

  6. what is the best price for three controllers shipped to miami fl i can send via Paypal miguel

  7. do you have photos of the CTB16PC are ther just card or controller with box and dangles?

  8. Miguel


    do you have photos of the CTB16PC are ther just card or controller with box and dangles?
  9. can anyone tell me if these CTB16PC card have a high or low power heatsink? does the director work on it own?
  10. How much for all 4 Controllers

  11. How much are you asking for the controller and do you have LEDs?

  12. where did you hide the cords if not in the sleeve?
  13. Thank you bill I order the white 1000 Ft can't beat that price either way
  14. Can anyone tell me what color wire (SPT2) is the best to order from www.SkycraftSurplus.com? I was looking for green but I only see grey or white. Thank you
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