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    I am a meteorologist.
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    Christmas light displays
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    tv weather
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    I have blowmolds, animated features and trying to convert over to more LEDs

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  1. I cant even find it on their website...anybody have a link to it. The link above only goes to general page for me.
  2. The stooges are not available. I will hopefully be able to update photos with whats left later in the weekend. Thanks
  3. I send you nessages no relp please relp

  4. Would like to sell as a group and will consider all offers for entire group. Can be picked up in southwestern/central pa. Most have paint loss/scratches and some have lights others do not. Have not tested any that do have light cords. no guarentee! If no offer for group will consider piecing them out and shipping. candles 5 each camels 15 each cow 5, missing ears empire deer, caulking near head/antlers 15 donkeys 10 each 3 soldiers 15 each, one has some dirt/stain noel lanterns 35, mounted on wood base/stickers on them, 3 nativity sets : Mary, Joseph, Baby 30 each mrs claus 20, scratches/paint loss on face and bottom, no glasses, north pole signs 15 each paint loss igloo 20 polar bear 20 santa face 10 (small one) some dirt santa set 1 (toy soldier santa 20, deer with santa 20, waving santas 15 each, smaller one with paint loss 20 santa set 2 (small front 15, left to right in back row: 20, 20, 15, 15 snowmen set left to right, 10, 15, 10, 10 shepard 10 missing staff, paint loss star/angel 10 each needs lights for star 3 stooges 300 (holes for tools/some paint loss) poloron sleigh 50 (fading) 2 wiseman sets 35 each halloween witch 15, paint fading.
  5. I take a saw and cut away part of the black plastic...usually about 3/4 of an inch...then the cfl usually fits in! good luck!
  6. Is this the ace that you go to all the time or is it the true value to have a contact with? I may have to make a trip up your way unless you know that other aces down my way will have them too!
  7. By the way it is styrofoam and in two pieces...top and bottom split at the top of the pants. There are no markings on it that I can find.
  8. Hi everyone, I was hoping that maybe mel or someone might have some info on this great find. Every year while on vacation in Ocean City MD, we stop at the christmas store on 34th street, and every year I ask to buy this in their store...ironically they are closing and selling most of their stuff. I was able to pick this up pretty cheap, but will not resell. It has a great history and I am glad to have it. Thanks, Josh
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