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  1. http://www.garageofevil.com/projects/color_organ_sounds.php
  2. Twilight Zone theme song Halloween theme song Monster Mash Time Warp on the fence as to which Midnight Syndicate to choose Also, I bought a Cowlacious Talking Skull specially to sing Skin and Bones by the Foo Fighters...
  3. I don't think I got Skittles. I'm gonna have to go recheck the box...
  4. These people have orange minis in stock now. They are out of the purples except on white wire. 6.00 for 100 spaced 2.5".
  5. I liberated these from the curb. I Don't know anything about blow molds, but these are available for free to a good home... http://photos.myhallowistmas.com/GalleryThumbnails.aspx?gallery=331113
  6. LOR-CF: Do you have a picture of your Bright Whites snaking on the ground around your tombstones?
  7. Action Lighting still has incandescent 100ct for $2.00.
  8. Given many of our lack of welding skills, has anyone tried wrapping a stock easel using the "J" tree method? I seems it would reduce the quantity of lights required (2 sides only), and if you stick to the 30" easel it should be able to handle the weight.
  9. Hello all! My name is Paul, and I am a Newbie! I have been haunting my yard for a few years now, and love it. My wife want me to do "something for Christmas", and sent me this link: http://www.flixxy.com/best-christmas-lights-display.htm With Halloween, I knew where to start: Buy a blucky and decorate around him. I am at a loss with a Christmas display. I know the goal is an LOR with lots of channels, and lots of lights. I know I can use the LOR for both Halloween, and Christmas. I already have the sales pitch thought out in my head to get permission from the wife to buy it. But i don't believe the LOR is the first item to buy. I am guessing lights, probably LED, and probably white, but how long of a string would only be a guess, and if I guess wrong, i'm stuck with a mistake that I need to forever need to hide or work around. If anyone cares to share their thoughts, I would be very interested to hear. Thanks, PC
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