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  1. Are these still for sale? Intrested in price on the band and nativity.
  2. I have never done a computer display, i plan on getting into it this summer and having one up and running next year. I live around fort smith arkansas...if you need help hanging lights and what not, i would come by and give ya a hand if your not too far. As far as traffic and cars, i have a static display and i live on a pretty busy street off a main highway. We have had many cars just stop and look but every car slows down. It took me a while to get used to, every car that would stop i would run outside to see what they were doing. My wife laughed. What kind of set-up do you have? I
  3. That helps. Thank you for your reply. It sounds like you will have a good start. For my needs, i would like to modify my fm transmitter that i use for my car and also use outdoor speakers to a receiver i have in the garage. I'm sure i can rig all of that up. My biggest concern is wires, how do i make cheap ext cords? Then where do i even start on the boards? I don't mind using a computer for the display, we have 3 in the house and for the few hours every night it wouldnt be a problem. I would like to save the money and build my own boards but i'm not sure what parts, what each thing
  4. That sounds like a great idea. So i wouldnt need to go big at first? What is the price range i'm looking at to start off with a pre-done LOR system?
  5. Wow thank you for the reply. I will check into that site. The buzz box looks to be about 100? Is there any where online to get it cheaper? I would love to have an easier why then testing each light. Thank you for the compliments also, my wife and i did alot out there and keep adding more. tonight we ran 3 more strands of lights, one the full lenght on the side of the house roof line and 2 50 strands around the front door. Again, thank you and merry christmas.
  6. I am new to computer animation, Where exactly do i start? I can solder, make boards, do whatever i need to do. I have been reading here for a year now and just joined to finally ask. I don't want to spend a whole lot, i'm unemployed right now. I'm located in NW Arkansas. There are only about 2 houses in this entire area that has it. When i lived in chicago there was a man who did it by my house but i never stopped by to ask for help. My main thing is, what set-up is the best...do i buy or build? Would you do things different then you did now? How do i avoid spending a whole lot of money?
  7. We just bought 3 new ones last weekend. Got 1 for 20 and 2 of em for 35. My uncle has had one for 4 years now. His is like ours 6 foot tall and works just fine. He drys his in the garage and one day out of the summer he puts it up for the day in the sun to dry it more. That's chicago weather though. I will let you know how ours holds up when time comes. So far they have been fine, just have to "slap" the snow off the plastic part when it goes up for the night.
  8. If i were you, i would do what my grandma did with her neighbor. They used to "compete" with each other and one year they both started giving each other a gift (blow mold to put in thier yard) to add to their display. The following year they both traded gifts again and each year the 2 houses grew with more and more decorations. Instead of a fued, they worked together and brought people to our block to see the lights. The houses looked great. That's funny she would leave a message like that.
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