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    Monroe township,NJ
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    retired electrican, currently a Broadcast Engineer and concert audio Engineer touring with major Smooth Jazz artists
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    Aviation,Falconry, Ham radio
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    Broadcast Engineer, Concert audio engineer
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    Just starting out after rebuilding from a house fire in 2007.. Purchased advances software S2 and 112 channels Of LOR

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  1. Hello Brandon Sound Engineering ehhh... Thats a tough field to make a living. Ive been doing it over 35 years. Lots of Touring. The pay rate has not changed much in the past 20 years. I used to come up and Do sound for the North by North East festival. at a club called "REVERB" in downtown Toronto. These days I do mostly Smooth Jazz on the Road. Here is my website http://www.angelfire.com/indie/Engineer Neal-KA2CAF/W2CJA we got 18 inches of snow yesterday. Snowed in.. so Im working on my LOR Master control room mounting Controllers and outlets Onto a 4X8 plywood on the basement wall Getting ready for Next season.

  2. Hello Rick. are you related to Bob Glass a falconer down in your area? I am the Chief Engineer for WTTM 1680 located in Cherryhill,NJ I live up by exit 8a of the turnpike in Monroe Township. Im just rebuilding after a housfire in2007 and starting fresh with 64 channels of LOR. Im also also a member of Planet Christmas. and thought I would send a Seasons greetings from my family to yours.. I probably wont be setup Till July 4th. as I amjust putting together about 40 3 foot trees. with Red and white channels.. so far I have had no luck finding Blue Light strings.... what are you using for extension cords? SPT2 cable? where do you get it. Take care Neal Newman

  3. Good SubJect.. where to start. I am also a newbie starting from scratch after a house fire. Purchased 64 channels of LOR and advanced software. Learning the software is going to be the largest challenge I think. Here is My delema.. I,m Jewish and my other half is not. So I want my display to be for both faiths. trying to come up with ideas. I am a retired Electrician , presently a Broadcast and Concert audio Engineer. so building the system is not an issue. Just thought I would make this post introduce myself and wish Everyone a happy ,safe and Healthy holiday season and New Year. I now have 6 months to develop a july 4th Program then Halloween, and holidays show.. Neal
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