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  1. Thank you very much, all very good ideas. I will check the drain holes, and I think I will invest in some washers. Jim Houk
  2. Good thought, I will, I also thought about silicone, but was also concerned about being able to easily change them when needed.
  3. I am trying to head off a small problem that I had this last season, OK a big pain. We had quite a bit of rain, and then the snow, I know welcome to MO been here my whole life. The shingle clips that I have place the C9s at a verticle position. They put off a lot of light this way, and really stand out which I like, but the rain collects in the socket or the wet snow that collected on the roof melts again gathering in the socket, and I guess stops the connection. The light goes out and there I go up the ladder again, pull the bulb, empty the water, plug the string back in and it works agai
  4. Sounds Great!, is there a website with all of the sign up info and directions, or will it all be in this forum ? Can't Wait, Jim Houk
  5. I plan on making it to one if at all possible. I have been checking for info and details as they are announced, hope to see you all there. Jim
  6. I hope to attend one somewhere, We have just accomplished our first animated display,and the first for our town with LOR, around 20k lights. Great response from media and everyone in and around our town for that matter. New to the planet, been learning from some of you guys by just listening, thought I would jump in and introduce myself. We are about 90 miles south of Kansas City MO, and about 90 Miles North of Springfield MO, Hello from Clinton MO! Jim Houk
  7. I hear ya and wish I could do that too, but not on cop and school teacher salaries, and four children. A 100 minis for .75 vs. 7.50 is the way we have to do things for now. It can stink when the items you want are already gone, but we have adjusted, and sometimes just built part of our display with available items. Our town has sure loved it and gave us alot of radio, news paper, and personal PR, and our kids, they had a blast. By the way nice to meet all, kinda new to the planet, just landed. We put up our first animated display this year with LOR 48 channel and around 20k lights outsi
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