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  1. I am looking for new 10 strands of 100 incandescent red lights on white wire.
  2. What size are the Walmart ones? Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  3. Sent from my VTAB1008 using Tapatalk 2 What size?
  4. Sent from my VTAB1008 using Tapatalk 2 Where did you find 2`trees? I couldn't find any this year. All I could find was 3` and I feel that would be too big for my display.
  5. May i see pictures of the PVC clips you found at HD. Also how far apart did you space the clips?
  6. I have seen multi color and clear C9 strings at HD, Walmart, and Lowes for like $2 a string. I don't need to stock up any more sense I switched to C9 retros from Val at www.christmas-leds.com this year. Out of the box I had no failure rate. Her's are 5 leds per C9 bulb and 3 leds per C7 bulb
  7. On another post Eaglescout2004 said he had 16 strings of 100 count pink and asked if anyone was interested. I picked up 80 sets of the 100ct mulit incans for .65/ea. I did it on the whim of rebuilding them into R/G/B sets, and discovered that they actually have four different types of light bases in the HolidayTime boxes. I'll still be able to convert most of them and have my TV-watching project for the next few months. Now I'm curious if anyone would be interested in 16 strings of 100ct pink and/or yellow.... I was hoping to pickup artificial trees, but they only had the orig. $128 ones left.
  8. My experience with Menards is that they lower the price around Christmas day and bring it back up. They would rather store it all year long and resell it next Christmas season than to mark it way down and give it away. That is the answer I got from the Manager of that department. They said they lost so much money when they mark things down.
  9. Is this the one your talking about? http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=231117775695
  10. I would agree that is a great version, but I wanted something upbeat is why I was asking
  11. I'm also in that got a late start this year. I converted everything to LEDs. Sense I lost my mega tree to the wind last year so I have been busy rebuilding my mega tree to stand up to high winds. Then the snow and ice came and has pushed me behind with 1 to 2 inches expected tomorrow. I'm still not giving up yet.
  12. Is it sturdy? Are you going to put any guide wires on it? What did you use to attach it to the ground?
  13. I was mainly looking at the C7's which are also 3 led's per bulb. All the other C7 retros I have been looking at are 3 led's perbulb.
  14. Did you get the clear or the multi?
  15. Does anybody have any information on these or know how well the hold up? http://www.menards.com/main/see-more/christmas/lights/25pk-assorted-c9-replacement-lights/p-2085677-c-12284.htm I was thinking about getting some white ones.
  16. Call Val at www.christmas-leds.com she is very nice and will take care of any lighting needs you have.
  17. I have not found a reason and do it with my lights if I need to plug it into something that is not polarized. They sell non polarized plugs at Lowes.
  18. I PM'ed you about me getting one of these for you, but i have not heard back from you. Did you change your mind about wanting this? I was just trying too help out another decorator
  19. I have had good luck ordering from Val at www.Christmas-leds.com
  20. I was not showing you an XLR cable. The specs I show you are rated for 15Amps, 500V up to 1500V. Pin Number: 3 pins; Rated Current: 15A; Rated Voltage: 500V; Withstand Voltage: 1500V; Contact Resistance: <5mΩ; Insulation Resistance: >2000mΩ; Max.Diameter: Ф7mm; Shell Material: Nylon with fibre; Max Cable OD:8.0mm; Waterproof Level:IP68; Contact Material:Phosphor copper with gold plated. Yes you can cut the ends off and put standard plugs on it. The ones they came with are water proof.
  21. This is a 3 pin water tight connector. That is why they screw together to keep the water out. This is what I was thinking and have used before. http://www.ebay.com/itm/IP68-3-Pins-Waterproof-Connector-Plug-and-Socket-Cable-Connector-/170980594539 Hope this link helps.
  22. Thanks. I am just trying to put this nice rare blow mold back to operational. I will try contacting GF about new runners. Has anyone tried ordering from GF this year?
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